Entellus Medical announces Clinic versus OR study results for chronic sinusitis

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Entellus Medical, a Minnesota-based medical technology company, shared the results of a 12-month study entitled "Clinic versus OR - A Comparative Analysis of Ostial Dilation for CRS," presented on September 25th during the 56th annual meeting of the American Rhinologic Society in Boston, Mass.

“Clinic versus OR - A Comparative Analysis of Ostial Dilation for CRS”

The study, authored by Jeffrey Cutler M.D., Colorado Sinus Institute, Denver, Colo., analyzed the results of 71 patients who underwent balloon dilation to treat chronic sinusitis (CRS) and were followed for 12 months after the procedure. Nineteen (27%) of these patients were treated in the clinic. Intra-operative and long-term outcomes were compared between patients treated in the operating room and those treated in the clinic.

Procedure times and procedural success were similar while total facility time was significantly less for the clinic cohort. All (100%) clinic patients were discharged within 2 hours of the procedure as compared with 82% of the operating room cohort. There was no significant difference between the two groups in post-treatment bleeding, overall recovery time and post-treatment pain medication use. Both groups showed statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvement in their sinus-related symptoms. In the first year following treatment, revision surgery was performed 3.8% of patients treated in the OR vs. 0% of patients treated in the clinic.

According to Dr. Cutler, "Balloon dilation in the clinic provides physicians with a tool to treat persistent sinus disease without requiring general anesthesia and these results demonstrate that dilation of the sinus drainage pathways in the clinic is safe and well-tolerated by patients and provides long-term relief of sinus-related symptoms".

Source : Entellus Medical


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