BTE Technologies acquires patented recumbent strength-training system, Eccentron

BTE Technologies, a leading global innovator in objective evaluation and rehabilitation equipment for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and sports medicine, announces its acquisition of Eccentron™ - a patented recumbent strength-training system that works the muscles eccentrically for rapid strength gains, explosive muscle power, and unparalleled benefits for joint stability and fall prevention - all with minimal strain on the cardiovascular system.

“With eccentric muscle training, exercise intolerant patients can maintain and grow muscle, and get stronger so they can perform their daily activities.”

The versatile Eccentron™ is an ideal healthcare solution for individuals from different walks of life, with varying levels of physical wellness - from conditions related to aging, to rehabilitation and performance enhancement for world class athletes. "BTE is proud to develop this exciting new option to benefit the growing patient population worldwide whose lives can be improved with forward-thinking research and technology," states Charles T. Wetherington, President of BTE Technologies.

People who have difficulty exercising - such as the elderly, post-surgical, arthritic, and cardio-pulmonary patients - have until now had limited options for overcoming advanced weakness. Eccentron™ offers a brand new opportunity for strengthening muscles, improving joint stability, and fall prevention - allowing patients to get back to enjoying and fully participating in life. Eccentric (or 'negative') exercise involves muscles resisting force rather than producing force. A patient can apply nominal resistance and engage a muscle more effectively than doing equivalent concentric work (such as lifting). Explains co-inventor Paul LaStayo, P.T., Ph.D., C.H.T., "With eccentric muscle training, exercise intolerant patients can maintain and grow muscle, and get stronger so they can perform their daily activities."

Eccentric strength development is equally key to enhancing athletic performance. Eccentron™ training results in tighter spring quality of the muscles, making them more powerful and explosive. Additionally, elite athletes can generate the highest possible muscle force, exceeding the strength training limits of a traditional weight stack. Erik Schlopy of the USSA Men's Alpine Skiing team exclaims, "It's amazing how much specific load you are able to generate in such a short amount of time when training with the Eccentron™ … there couldn't be a better training tool!"

Eccentron™ will soon become available to physical therapy, occupational therapy, and sports medicine clinics worldwide, further enriching BTE's global network of rehabilitation centers of excellence. This unique system was invented by three Northern Arizona University research doctors: a physical therapist, a biologist, and an MD, with its clinical research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Laura Foster Huenneke, Vice President for Research at NAU, comments, "BTE Technologies' approach to providing equipment for evidence-based physical therapy is a great match for Northern Arizona University's research strengths in physiology and exercise science."


BTE Technologies


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