Renishaw launches first RUO multiplex assay system

Renishaw Diagnostics Ltd, a world leading provider of trace level detection technologies based on the exploitation of surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) and surface enhanced resonance Raman scattering (SERRS), for research and molecular diagnostics applications, today announced the launch of its first research use only (RUO) multiplex assay system which allows precious research samples to be 'screened' for 10 or more 'targets', from a single sample.

Jim Greaves, Head of Marketing said "We are very excited about this product launch and delighted to see the results of our R&D efforts coming to market. This product will bring a new dimension to the work of many scientists across a range of disciplines, offering them a very sensitve, specific and flexible tool to screen for numerous targets in a single assay. The RUO product launch is a truly transformative technology introduction, in advance of our fully regulated RenDxTM platform for human diagnostics that is in advanced stages of development. We have presented the results of some of our research with collaboration partners at a number of scientific conferences worldwide and received excellent feedback from healthcare providers."

The RenDx(TM) RUO multiplex assay system is a novel platform that allows researchers to generate rapid, multiplex screens for their own targets of interest. Using patented technologies and supported by a team of field- and laboratory-based application specialists, the RenDx(TM) RUO system can be configured to support customers own individual research.

The 3-stage process utilises established extraction and amplification platforms and is fully compatible with standard laboratory techniques and equipment. This makes the step up to high sensitivity multiplex detection simple and seamless.

The RenDx(TM) RUO system has a number of advantages over existing screening methods, including:

- Multiplex analysis - up to 10 targets from a single sample - High sensitivity and specificity - Rapid analysis - sample to result within hours - Culture independent - analysis direct from the sample - Sample matrix independent - simply extract DNA/RNA from any biological sample

and this transformative technology is also applicable to a wide range of research interests such as:

- Clinical research - e.g. for multiple infectious disease targets in humans and animals - Pharmaceutical - e.g. biomarkers for antibiotic resistance - Food & drink - e.g. pathogens; genetically modified ingredients - Environmental - e.g. water monitoring

The platform has 3 components: a reagents kit which contains the materials required to process 100 assays; a purpose-built robotic sample processor with a simple touchscreen interface, designed to allow user-free operation while performing the RenDx(TM) assays; and an analyser utilising a highly sensitive form of spectroscopy known as surface enhanced resonance Raman scattering (SERRS) which performs multiplex detection and automated analysis of a wide range of samples with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.


Renishaw Diagnostics Ltd


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