Biothera announces acquisition of AS1402 anti-cancer monoclonal antibody from Antisoma

Biothera announced today that it has acquired the anti-cancer monoclonal antibody AS1402 from Antisoma for undisclosed terms.

AS1402 is a monoclonal antibody that targets an aberrant form of the cell-surface protein MUC1 that is widely expressed in many types of cancer. Prior to the acquisition, the experimental drug had been in Phase 2 development.

Biothera's Imprime PGG® is a novel immunotherapy that works synergistically with anti-tumor monoclonal antibodies. Imprime PGG activates the largest population of the body's immune cells (neutrophils), enabling them to recognize and kill antibody-targeted cancer cells.

Biothera plans to study the combination therapy of Imprime PGG and AS1402 in future cancer trials. The indication(s) has (have) yet to be determined.

"We believe the combination of Imprime PGG and AS1402 could create a potent therapy to treat a wide range of cancers," said Dan Conners, President, Biothera Pharmaceutical Group.

"This deal gives Biothera the opportunity to pursue an interesting new approach with AS1402 while at the same time realising value for Antisoma," said Nicholas Adams, Vice President of Business Development at Antisoma.

Source: Biothera, the Immune Health Company


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