AddisonsDisease.Net celebrates ten years of service

Teleplexus, Inc. is pleased to announce the ten-year anniversary of AddisonsDisease.Net, its premier Addison's disease support resource. Born by design on New Year's Day in 2002, AddisonsDisease.Net began service on this day which is seen around the world as a time of renewal and optimism. Today AddisonsDisease.Net celebrates ten years of service to its members and a growing international legacy of reliable, effective support. This direct Addison's disease support and wellness pioneer came to life at the dawn of the Internet health support social networking age; however, AddisonsDisease.Net is much more than that.

"I joined this site about 5 years ago and have learned so much from other members about managing our disease. The answer to treating Addison's is not simply a prescription or two and you will be fine. We are there for each other through the good, the bad, the anger, the down days. The site has grown in leaps and bounds since I have joined and I salute the founder for caring enough to start this site and making it better." -- Member - Cathy

"AddisonsDisease.Net has been a wonderful resource for me. I've had Addison's disease for 12 1/2 years, and have been an active member of AddisonsDisease.Net for the past year and half. I've learned more about how to live with Addison's disease in that year and a half than I did in the 11 years before I became involved. The members have helped me through a pregnancy while having Addison's, and have given me valuable insight into how to live a full life with Addison's, on a daily basis. Happy 10th Birthday, AddisonsDisease.Net! I'm looking forward to being with you for the next 10 years and beyond." -- Member - Katy

"There is so much you can learn from this site. When you are in a time of need the members are there for you. I am proud to say I am a member of this wonderful web site. In my city there is no one to talk to or ask questions and most endo doctors don't explain everything to you ..." -- Member - Kamdon

"This support group has been very, very informative, educational and most importantly a place to voice concerns, get reassurance and VENT -- so again, thank you." -- Member - Lisa

"I have been visiting the site off and on for years and often just read. There is so much good information shared ... much more than you can get at the doctor's office. Good advice is given and it arms you with just what to ask the endo. It is good to talk with people who share your condition. If not for this site, me and most people would never meet another Addison's patient. Everyone is loving and considerate. You can ask anything and people will respond." -- Member - Penny

AddisonsDisease.Net is a trusted leader in online Addison's disease support and a valuable tool for patients, caregivers, doctors and nurses worldwide.


Teleplexus, Inc.


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