Repeal strategies take shape -- though none will likely be easy

Some health law opponents view the measure's subsidies as a key point at which to aim attacks.

The Associated Press: Repealing Obama's Health Care Law Won't Be Easy
Yes, if Mitt Romney wins the White House and his Republican allies retake the Senate, he could shred most of President Barack Obama's health care law without having to overpower a Democratic filibuster. But it won't be as easy as some Republicans portend, and it certainly won't be quick. Why? Because any realistic effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act -- as opposed to last week's quixotic vote in the GOP-controlled House -- is sure to get jumbled together with lots of other issues, including Medicare, taxes, food stamps and defense spending (Taylor, 7/16).

Politico: ACA Opponents Want To Kill Law Via Subsidies
The next shot in the legal war over the health reform law isn't another lawsuit but an academic paper that says federal exchanges can't give people subsidies to help pay for their coverage. The paper, authored by Case Western Reserve University's Jonathan Adler and the Cato Institute's Michael Cannon, puts intellectual heft behind an argument that has been percolating among the law's opponents (Feder, 7/16).

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