Sports medicine physician recommends two high-tech tools to enhance patient care

Research shows that the average person only retains 15 to 20 percent of what he or she is told during a medical appointment. According to Matt Roth, MD, associate medical director for ProMedica Sports Care, when patients have the opportunity to view actual images of their anatomy and diagnosis, their understanding and retention improves.

Dr. Roth recommends two high-tech tools to enhance patient care -- portable beside ultrasound and computerized neuropsychological testing.

"The ultrasound is a portable machine that looks like a laptop," explains Dr. Roth. "It's great for sideline coverage because you can take it right into the locker room or training room to evaluate an injury."

The neuropsychological computer test is used to evaluate multiple aspects of an injured athlete's cognitive functioning, such as memory, processing speed, reaction time, problem solving ability and attention span. This technology is especially useful for analyzing concussions.

"The computer test tool gives us a better picture of how the brain is actually functioning rather than simply relying on what the patient tells us," says Dr. Roth.


ProMedica Sports Care


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