X2IMPACT, NFL enter agreement to supply Concussion Management System software app

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X2IMPACT, a privately funded Seattle company, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with the National Football League to supply its Concussion Management System (CMS) software application for use by certain teams of the NFL during the 2012 football season.    

The X2IMPACT CMS is a touch-screen-based application built for iOS and Windows 8 operating systems and is equally suitable for use at the field of play or in clinical office settings. Harnessing the power of cloud computing, the X2 CMS securely serves concussion assessment data and provides authorized team health care providers with instant access to each of their players' past and present information.

"Working with the NFL allowed us to create an application specifically tailored to the League's needs," said Rich Able, Co-Founder of X2IMPACT. "The resulting app embodies the NFL's specific medical protocols and is scalable to conform to the League's data standards now and in the future."

Collaboration with the pilot group of teams was indispensable to the project's success and continued improvement. "The level of enthusiasm and quality of feedback from team providers has been fantastic," said Christoph Mack, CEO at X2IMPACT. "All of us at X2 are thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to help the sideline staff of the NFL better understand and manage their athlete's brain health, now and in the future."

Sixteen NFL teams have signed up for the software so far, and reception has been enthusiastic.

"The X2 CMS app helps our staff to provide immediate comparison of an injured player's current condition with their baseline evaluation. This helps our sports medicine team to make the best possible clinical decisions in caring for players who may have a concussion," said Leigh Weiss, a certified athletic trainer/physical therapist for the New York Giants.

"Adopting cutting edge technology to maximize the level of concussion care we provide for our players is a decision whose time has come," said Dr. Daniel Garza, medical director for the San Francisco 49ers. "As a user of the X2 CMS, I'm thrilled at how it streamlines our process and improves our visibility of what used to be an overwhelming amount of data. The X2 CMS guides us in the latest standards for making bench vs. play decisions and structures the recovery and return to play process. League physicians and athletic trainers can do our jobs better and that makes the players feel more secure."

"Yes, I'm a former NFL coach, but much more importantly, I'm a father of kids who play contact sports," said Jim L. Mora, an investor in X2IMPACT and chair of its Sports Advisory Board. "I know that kids pay attention to every move their professional idols make, and I want us to do everything we can to keep our nation's kids in the game, playing hard and playing safe. So I am sure that parents across the country and around the world will join me in applauding the leadership the NFL is demonstrating in adopting the X2 Concussion Management System."

X2 believes that the NFL's use of its technology will help drive widespread adoption of the company's technology.

"Our goal is to provide the best concussion management products and services ever created and to assist the NFL's work on player health and safety," said Able. "By proving the value of our software at the professional level, the NFL is helping to pave the way for athletes in all sports and all levels to share in the benefits of X2's concussion management technology, and that's what drives us to do what we do every day."



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