L-Fucose slows down and even reverses age-related skin developments

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With increasing age the human skin shows a considerable loss of resistance and elasticity. These changes in skin texture, which are one of the main reasons for the appearance of wrinkles, is the age induced loss of skin thickness and the related degradation of elastin fibers within the skin. It has been proven that L-Fucose - a scarce sugar - slows down and even reverses age-related skin developments.

Dermatological studies have shown that the application of an L-Fucose containing skin-cream leads to a considerable increase in skin thickness and elasticity. Soluble L-Fucose penetrates rapidly in the epidermis and deeper layers of the dermis where it assumes several beneficial functions. For instance, L-Fucose inhibits the production of enzymes which provoke the loss of skin thickness. Furthermore, L-Fucose stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts - special skin cells which play a key role in the production of elastic fibers and wound healing. Hence, by applying L-Fucose the skin becomes more resistant, shows fewer wrinkles and exhibits an improvement on wound healing and skin elasticity.

After several years of research and development, Jennewein Biotechnologie has achieved a major milestone in the production of this active ingredient. L-Fucose is produced with the help of a sustainable biological production process. Klaus Jennewein, managing director marketing and sales, emphasizes, "The multi-functional ingredient L-Fucose responds not only to the demand for new active ingredients for the use in cosmetic products but also reflects the trend to produce cosmetic "high-tech active molecules" in an environmentally friendly and cost effective manner".

The patent protected production process allows for:

  • the provisioning of a natural product / sugar,
  • a cost effective production associated with attractive prices,
  • the use of a sustainable and environmentally friendly production process.

L-Fucose is a scarce sugar which can be found in nature in selected plants and in various organs of the human body, such as the skin, for example. Due to the high effectiveness, small concentrations of L-Fucose lead to a considerable positive and visible effect after a short period of application. Fields of use of L-Fucose are anti-aging, sensitive skin-care and wound healing.


Jennewein Biotechnologie


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