Isolite Systems to offer dental isolation in Canada

Isolite Systems announced today that it will begin offering its dental isolation systems for sale in Canada. This includes the company's award-winning Isolite and Isodry dental isolation systems, and its patented single-use Isolite Mouthpieces that are used with the systems. The announcement is the result of the company having received its Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) from Health Canada to sell its products in Canada.

Proper dental isolation is important to dental procedures because it eliminates contamination and increases clinical success. Isolite and Isodry systems are a proven, easier-to-use alternative to traditional forms of dental isolation, such as the rubber dam and manual suction and retraction. The systems aid in dental procedures by improving patient management and giving dental professionals unprecedented control of the oral environment: keeping the patient mouth open, improving visibility, controlling suction and oral humidity, and virtually eliminating sources of contamination.

The key to Isolite Systems' dental isolation are the Isolite Mouthpieces that work with the Isolite and Isodry systems. Morphologically correct Isolite Mouthpieces are available in five sizes and are designed to fit patients from pediatric to large adult. The wide range of mouthpieces means that it is now easier to have effective isolation for every patient of every size and for every dental procedure. Isolite Mouthpieces are soft and comfortable and provide an added measure of safety during the dental procedure - protecting the patient from foreign body aspiration and shielding the tongue and cheek from injury by the handpiece or other dental instruments.

"We are proud to be open for business in Canada," stated Sandi Hirsch, CEO, "We want to thank the dentists and dental professionals of Canada for recognizing the benefits of our dental isolation systems for their Canadian patients, and for supporting us during the regulatory process."


Isolite Systems

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