New confirmatory diagnostic test highly accurate in distinguishing mothers with preeclampsia

Carmenta Bioscience, Inc., in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University, today announced presentation of results from a retrospective clinical study at the 2013 Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine national meeting. The presentation revealed a new confirmatory diagnostic test highly accurate in distinguishing mothers with preeclampsia from a control group in the study.

The underlying technology for the test was discovered by Carmenta's co-founders, Dr. Atul Butte and Dr. Bruce Ling of Stanford University. Dr. Butte and Dr. Ling analyzed genomic and proteomic data from over 100 preeclamptic mothers to develop a novel, proprietary panel of serum proteins capable of diagnosis. Using advanced data mining techniques, they identified a multiplexed panel of biomarkers representing the broad diversity of biological processes associated with the condition.

"Given the complicated pathophysiology of preeclampsia, it is necessary to use a systems biology approach to understand and characterize the condition. The complex etiology can manifest itself differently in mothers, so a personalized medicine approach is optimal when diagnosing preeclampsia," said Dr. Butte, Chief, Division of Systems Medicine, Department of Pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine.

The multisite study examined the test in the serum of 64 pregnant mothers of various ages, gestational ages, and ethnicities, including 32 diagnosed with preeclampsia. The test performed at a high degree of sensitivity and specificity. The results of the study have been submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

"We are excited by the results from the initial study, so we are preparing for an additional, prospective clinical validity trial in 2013. Once the performance of the test is qualified in a larger population, we will be poised to make the test available to the Maternal Fetal Medicine and OB-GYN community," said Dr. Matthew Cooper, Carmenta's President and Chief Executive Officer. Carmenta has obtained an option to acquire a world-wide, exclusive license from Stanford on the discovery and is currently developing the test for commercialization.


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