Intralytix’s SalmoFresh food safety product receives GRAS recognition from FDA

Intralytix, Inc. announced today that its latest food safety product, SalmoFresh, has received GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) recognition from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). SalmoFresh is an antimicrobial preparation for controlling the foodborne bacterial pathogen Salmonella enterica. The active ingredients of SalmoFresh are naturally occurring lytic bacteriophages that selectively and specifically kill Salmonella, including strains belonging to the most common / highly pathogenic serotypes: Typhimurium, Enteritidis, Heidelberg, Newport, Hadar, Kentucky, and Thompson. SalmoFresh is specifically designed for treating foods that are at high risk for Salmonella contamination. Red meat and poultry in particular can be treated prior to grinding for significant reductions in Salmonella contamination. SalmoFresh is all natural, kosher and halal.

"Salmonella continue to be one of the leading causes of foodborne disease worldwide, causing 1.2-1.4 million cases of salmonellosis annually in the USA alone" stated Dr. Alexander Sulakvelidze, Intralytix's Chief Scientist. "GRAS recognition will allow SalmoFresh to be put into immediate use by the food processing industry as a safe and effective approach for reducing the risk of foodborne salmonellosis" Dr. Sulakvelidze added.

Intralytix is a world leader in the development of bacteriophage or phage-based products for food safety. The company already has two FDA/USDA approved phage-based products on the market: ListShield™, effective at substantially reducing or eliminating Listeria monocytogenes in food products, and EcoShield™, effective at substantially reducing or eliminating E. coli O157:H7 in red meat intended for grinding.

"We are pleased to add yet another bacteriophage-based food safety product to the arsenal of our nation's food manufacturers," remarked John Woloszyn, Intralytix's CEO. "Phage-based antibacterials are a quickly emerging technology providing a safe, effective and all-natural way to protect food from pathogenic bacterial contamination," he added.


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