EORTC survey looks at common practices in melanoma surgery

The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) has conducted an international survey of 75 melanoma centres on their behaviours and practices. The survey, which was conducted between 2003-2005, looked at common surgical practices in melanoma surgery (resection margins, sentinel node biopsy and lymph node dissection), as well as surgical management of distant metastases and the use of Isolate Limb Perfusion. The results of the survey have been published in ecancermedicalscience, the journal of the European Institute of Oncology and the OECI.

It is known that melanoma surgical guidelines vary between nations and EORTC conducted the survey to identify the effect these differences had on surgical practice. Its goal was to compare behaviours and beliefs among EORTC members and non-members. The authors also compared the survey results with relevant clinical trials and studies to identify common practices in melanoma treatments.

In the future, the EORTC Melanoma Group hopes to develop an updated version, taking into account newer treatments. The results can then be used to determine the differences developed in practice and behaviour over the ten year period.


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