People who lower stress levels through meditation, yoga have longer telomeres

Targeting telomeres, the protective caps at the end of all chromosomes that are critical to healthy cell function, T.A. Sciences' products activate an enzyme that can slow down and possibly reverse age- and lifestyle-related telomere shortening. Short telomeres can cause mutations and degradations to chromosomes leading to loss of cell functionality. Its inaugural product, TA-65 is the only proven product specifically focused on the telomerase activation market.

A recent study conducted by Dr. Dean Ornish found that people who lowered the level of stress in their lives through meditation, yoga and breathing exercises had longer telomeres, which have been shown to contribute to anti-cellular aging. One of the reasons why these people had longer telomeres is that stress and mental pain has been shown to in fact shorten telomeres, which can reduce a person's lifespan.

T.A. Sciences knows that yoga, meditation and breathing exercises all serve as ways to clear and refocus the mind. People who suffer from excessive amounts of stress are generally unhappy, have a harder time focusing, have sleep issues, and other maladies. These activities help to quiet the mind and ease stress so that people can live happier and healthier lives.

In Dr. Ornish's study, he cites that people with lots of stress in their lives had shorter telomeres. By decreasing the amount of stress that people have in their lives, it is possible to help with anti-cellular aging. T.A. Sciences shares that positive lifestyle changes can be beneficial at any point in anyone's life, no matter how old or how young someone is.


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  1. Chad Livingston Chad Livingston United States says:

    Interesting! Wish the general pop were more interested in things like this. We'd be that much farther ahead

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