FDA approves use of Botox Cosmetic to treat crow's feet

The FDA approved the use of Botox Cosmetic to treat crow's feet on September 11th, 2013 after a trial of 833 adults showed the treatments reduced the appearance of wrinkles.

That's great news for anyone looking for a way to remove those fine lines around the eyes from smiling. Although Botox is already used to treat crow's feet by cosmetic surgeons, the FDA's approval reinforces the drug's position as the most effective wrinkle reduction solution available on the market. Botox treatments work by relaxing the facial muscles that cause wrinkles to appear. By neutralizing these muscles, your skin lays smoother around your eyes.

A safe and very effective option, Botox is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to look younger right away. It works faster than creams which often have minimal results and should only be used for prevention.

These treatments are administered by physicians who know exactly which facial muscles to target. Each treatment is not only fast-acting, but takes just a short while to apply. Patients notice a vast reduction in skin wrinkling within two to seven days.

Botox is also used to treat frown lines and other areas of the face prone to wrinkles. Additionally, the drug is also FDA approved to treat migraines and excessive sweating. 


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