Hologic to highlight groundbreaking imaging products at RSNA 2013

Hologic, Inc. (Hologic or the Company) (NASDAQ: HOLX), a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostic products, medical imaging systems and surgical products, with an emphasis on serving the healthcare needs of women, today announced the groundbreaking imaging products it will highlight at the 99th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) at McCormick Place, Chicago from December 1st through 5th

"The RSNA annual meeting is the largest medical show in the United States and the largest radiology show in the world," said Jack Cumming, Hologic's President and Chief Executive Officer. "It's the time of the year when we get the chance to meet with clinical professionals and demonstrate what we have been working on and what the healthcare community can expect from us in the year ahead. With a footprint of 12,800 square feet, the entire Hologic exhibit is focused on showing innovative technologies that identify diseases earlier, improve patient outcomes and optimize workflow efficiencies."

Hologic is dedicating a significant share of its RSNA exhibit to the clinical benefits of 3D mammography in breast cancer screening and diagnosis, and Hologic's recently introduced lower dose 3D mammography and 3D guided breast biopsy capabilities.

  • Lower Dose 3D Mammography. Hologic's new C-View 2D software option is designed to generate a 2D image from a 3D mammography data set without the need for a separate 2D x-ray exposure. C-View software is designed to offer radiologists and patients a number of benefits including a reduction in x-ray exposures leading to shorter exam times (less than 4 second scan per view), and increased patient comfort from the shorter compression time. Hologic's 3D mammography exam using C-View software is a lower dose mammogram than the average U.S. 2D mammogrami and yet it includes all the benefits of a combined 2D and 3D mammography exam.
  • 3D Guided Breast Biopsy.  Hologic's Affirm 3D mammography biopsy option is designed for the localization and accurate targeting of regions of interest and is especially important for targeting lesions not detected in 2D imaging or when using other modalities. This new biopsy technique is designed to provide numerous advantages over traditional stereotactic biopsy procedures, including faster lesion targeting and reduced patient procedure time. The Affirm system is pre-programmed for use with the Company's Eviva and ATEC vacuum-assisted breast biopsy devices.  

Hologic's 3D Selenia Dimensions mammography system is currently the only FDA approved 3D system in the United States, and Hologic is the only company worldwide that can provide a 3D breast biopsy solution. The Company has 3D systems placed in 49 states and 59 countries worldwide.

Hologic's 3D mobile coach is making a special stop at RSNA on its year-long, cross-country "3D Technology: A More Accurate Mammogram" tour which is dedicated to spreading the word about the important clinical benefits of 3D mammography.

2013 was a pivotal year for 3D mammography with the publication of multiple large-scale, clinical studies validating the benefits of this groundbreaking technology. The studies published to date show that Hologic's screening technology results in an approximate 40% increase in invasive cancer detection rates ii-iv and up to a 40% reduction in recalls iv-v. Continuing the trend, over 60 new scientific papers, poster sessions and sponsored courses will be presented at RSNA on 3D mammography, many of which used Hologic's 3D technology.

The Hologic exhibit also dedicates space to conventional digital mammography, breast ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), breast biopsy, image analytics, accelerated partial breast irradiation and bone densitometry products – all part of the total solution Hologic can offer its customers.

Three new Hologic products of particular note include:

  • CAD for C-View.  Hologic's new ImageChecker CAD 10.0 software for C-View 2D images will be on display and available for demonstration at RSNA.  The new CAD C-View 2D software is currently in review with the FDA.
  • Single Energy (SE) Femur Exam. SE Femur Exam capability is offered exclusively on the new Hologic Horizon DXA system for the assessment of features associated with atypical femur fracture (AFF). This first-of-its-kind capability assists clinicians in their identification of potential AFFs in patients who have been on anti-resorptive treatments such as bisphosphonates. The 15-second SE Femur Exam is designed to produce a high resolution image of the entire femur with a very low effective radiation dose. The Horizon DXA system was launched in August 2013 and is designed to offer clinicians expanded technical capabilities, workflow efficiencies and improved design components that assist clinicians in the assessment of critical health problems – osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, body composition and atypical femur fractures.
  • MRI Imaging for Breast and Prostate. MultiView MR software offers advanced options for Hologic's MultiView platform software. Hologic's MR software is designed to provide real-time 4D (3D + time) image processing, speed, flexibility and dedicated MRI algorithms for both Breast and Prostate diagnostic viewing. MultiView is a state-of-the-art imaging platform for MRI visualization and interventional guidance.


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