Hologic’s Cynosure division to present 19 scientific abstracts at ASLMS 2019

Hologic, Inc.’s Cynosure division announced today it will partner with key opinion leaders to present 19 scientific abstracts on its industry-leading medical aesthetics technology at the 39th Annual Conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery (ASLMS). The conference will take place March 27-31 in Denver.

The presentations underpin the Company’s commitment to scientific innovation in medical aesthetics and will detail data collected through multiple clinical research projects conducted over the past year. Key topics include innovations in treatments for skin, body contouring and women’s health, as well as research and development and engineering. Leading doctors, including plastic surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo of New Jersey Plastic Surgery and opthamologist and dermatologic cosmetic surgeon Dr. Raminder Saluja of Saluja Cosmetic and Laser Center, will present the latest clinical findings in their fields.

We’re proud to lead our industry with groundbreaking innovation, and our commitment to clinical research and scientific data will always be at the core of Cynosure’s mission to enhance lives. Each year for the last decade, we’ve shared our latest findings and data at ASLMS, surrounded by the industry’s best and brightest minds. This year, we will present research on diverse laser technology and energy-based applications for medical aesthetics, and we’re confident these findings will help industry leaders grow their practices, maximize their success and remain ahead of the curve in this ever-changing space.”

Kevin Thornal, Divisional President of Cynosure at Hologic

Highlights of the presentation schedule include:

Standardization for Novel Radiofrequency Device Evaluation

Dr. Barry DiBernardo will discuss Cynosure’s TempSureSurgical RF technology, a new offering of the versatile TempSure™ radiofrequency (RF) platform that provides clinicians the ability to perform both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures across a variety of specialties, on a single device. TempSure Surgical promotes quicker recovery and better healing through a 300-watt and 4-MHz radiofrequency platform that enables precise incisions with minimal lateral thermal damage to surrounding tissues. In this session, Dr. DiBernardo will present the TempSure platform’s wide variety of applications and the value it can hold for clinicians and patients.

TempSure Surgical is revolutionizing my practice. We are now harnessing radiofrequency energy instead of scalpels to perform surgical procedures and the results we have seen are beyond expectations. The clean cut achieved with the powerful energy of the TempSure Surgical promotes quicker recovery and better healing for our patients, as demonstrated on scanning electron microscopy. The innovative technology also results in lessened sparking and charring during these procedures as compared to older technologies.”

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo of New Jersey Plastic Surgery

Clinical Study to Assess the Non-invasive 1060NM Diode Laser in Combination with a Non-invasive Radiofrequency Device for the Treatment of the Submental and Abdominal Areas for Unwanted Fat Removal and Tissue Tightening

This study showcases two of Cynosure’s leading products: the SculpSureâ laser, which is intended for lipolysis and body contouring, and the TempSure treatment for wrinkle reduction and tissue heating. Dr. Raminder Saluja will present a multiple-device approach to addressing patient concerns. In her session, Dr. Saluja will explain how a versatile portfolio of technologies can have major impact on practice success and patient outcomes. With SculpSure and TempSure as the treatment examples, she will detail how the use of these two devices could be beneficial in non-invasive body contouring to address both subcutaneous fat and laxity.

“The versatility of Cynosure’s product offering means that I can provide a range of solutions for my patients’ diverse concerns,” said Dr. Saluja. “By partnering with Cynosure, my practice has been able to leverage the power of a multi-treatment offering and enhance flexibility when developing a treatment plan.”

Clinical Study to Assess a Radiofrequency Device in the Treatment of Loose Tissue in the Eye Orbital Area - “Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty”

In this study, unwanted loose tissue in the eye orbital area was treated once using the TempSure device with a single needle coagulation handpiece. Dr. Saluja will present her results and clinical experience, which showcase how the TempSure platform can be used with a minimally traumatic, minimally invasive technique to induce coagulation and tissue tightening safely and effectively.

Cynosure will also display their products in-booth. These products include the SculpSure body contouring treatment and the TempSure radiofrequency platform. Booth attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the technology with Cynosure leadership and leading doctors who leverage the products in their practices.


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