Lifestyle changes, natural supplements can help women fight weight gain during menopause

Menopause, which tends to occur in midlife, is often known for causing weight gain. Menopausal weight gain is frequently caused by the hormonal changes that occur as the ovaries slow their production of estrogen and progesterone. Lifestyle changes and natural supplements can help women fight weight gain during menopause and keep their bodies healthy and strong.

The hormonal changes can leave women more vulnerable to weight gain during menopause, but other symptoms can also increase the risk. Blood sugar swings can trigger cravings and extreme hunger. Decreased muscle mass can reduce a woman's metabolism. Headaches, bone pain and muscle pain can make exercise painful. In many cases, women do not just experience weight gain but may also suffer from menopause bleeding gums, anxiety during menopause and anger and menopause. These symptoms can all be addressed with the right treatment plan. 

DON'T PAUSE is a menopause supplement that has been designed with powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins and natural herbal ingredients to support a woman and her changing health needs during menopause and beyond. It has ingredients that tackle hormonal changes and promote better balance. It also contains ingredients that support bone and joint health, skin health and metabolic health. DON'T PAUSE can be used alone, but it can also play a major role in managing menopause symptoms along with healthy lifestyle changes. DON'T PAUSE contains various natural supplements that help with menopause relief, including green tea. Green tea and menopause relief have long been associated. Visit for more information.

A woman's metabolism can naturally decrease with age, but maintaining muscle mass through strength training can help keep it high. Healthy food choices can also help decrease the risk of weight gain during menopause. Women may need to limit their intake of fast food, processed foods, salty food and alcohol and try to incorporate more lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits into their diet. Because excess weight is closely linked to serious health problems such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, getting it under control is critical for living a healthy, active life. 

The AntiAging Institute of California has designed DON'T PAUSE for women with menopause symptoms. Dr. Shoreh Ershadi has identified 45 menopause symptoms.



AntiAging Institute of California


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