Leading experts propose new treatment guidelines for chronic Lyme disease

Current treatment of chronic condition often inadequate or non-existent

Current treatments for Lyme disease, particularly chronic forms of the disease, are inadequate, according to a new treatment guideline written by a group of leading experts.

Adopted by the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS) and published in the Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy, the guideline also proposes revamped treatment guidelines to help clinicians across the globe deliver better care to patients.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by infected ticks, and is thought to affect 300,000 people annually in the USA alone. The chronic form of the disease – which sees long-lasting symptoms including fatigue, headaches and joint pain – is regularly misdiagnosed and mismanaged by clinicians.

The paper claims that current antibiotic protocols used by many physicians to prevent and treat Lyme disease are ineffective, and can actually lead to an increased risk of Lyme disease developing into a chronic illness.

Daniel Cameron MD, lead author of the study said:

We are seeing more people diagnosed with Lyme disease who simply don’t get better after being treated. Our goal with these new guidelines is to provide evidence-based, patient-centred care for sufferers, helping clinicians make the right treatment decisions.

We strongly recommend that patient goals and values regarding treatment options be identified and considered during a shared decision-making process.

The paper also notes the desperate need for better understanding of this complex illness. Currently there is limited available evidence regarding treatment.

Cameron continued:

The lack of pharmaceutical interest in Lyme disease and its concomitant funding has led to therapeutic innovation coming from clinicians. But we unquestionably need more research to better define the disease process and to establish highly effective therapeutic regimens.

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  1. Elaine Crossley Elaine Crossley Canada says:

    What about the thousands of people who have been treated by antibiotics and show marked improvement?  Because doctors are afraid to treat people with Lyme, it is massively under diagnosed, under treated and under reported.  How are you going to get a proper look at all the people who have been helped, if they weren't reported in the first place? It's time for government agencies to step up and realize what is happening here.  Surely it isn't rocket science to try to get a grip on this sinister disease.

  2. Gary Yantis Gary Yantis United States says:

    -1. The second half of the story MUST be missing.  They say ABX are NOT good and may even make Lyme worse - then the story stops. The part where they explain what IS good was cut off.  huh?  We know many especially those who do not suffer from often debilitating horrid painful sometimes worse than Hell itself Lyme disease are "worried" about the (hasn't happened) build up of resistance to ABX.   Catch Lyme disease then share it in your body for a few years and your propaganda story would be written 180 degrees different!  Guaranteed!
    2. Read the at the time discredited then buried (by the media and government) but now proven 100% correct book titled "Lab 257"  (published 2004) - you can buy cheap used copies from www.alibris.com or new ones from Amazon.

    I paid 99 cents plus shipping and my copy was 100% brand new!  Read the book and you will KNOW why the government not only pays no attention but goes after doctors who treat Lyme! They have taken MD licenses of over 600 doctors who DID treat Lyme. 90% quit medicine leaving non-MDs like me to try to help the 10 mil plus people with Lyme.  I personally witnessed a Lyme doctor threatened by armed federal agents to drop ALL of her lyme disease patients (she promptly did along with the other Lyme doctor who was also trying tohide in my major city (leaving just ONE Lyme doctor who is petrified and will NOT add new patients or even admit to knowing how to spell Lyme  

    it is now at epidemic level and getting worse!

    Ticks now carry encephalitis plus other FATAL diseases.  Gvt and ex-Nazis from Operation PaperClip (Google it) CREATED "weaponized Lyme" for germ warfare after WW2 then for "test purposes" dropped ticks in mass on Lyme CT 1975.   At the time they were 100% SURE they had instant cure in pill form.   A few people would get sick, take the pills and end of "experiments".  Oops!  The "100% cure" pill DID work as predicted but then wore off after a few months.  Failure!  Government has been trying to cover up their massive mistake ever since while they search for a REAL and PERMANENT cure for Lyme disease.  The weaponized version the Nazis brought from Germany.   It's now reached 13 million infections just in USA although less than half feel effects (yet - it can take as long as a decade to become sick) and of total number less than 5% ARE sick AND know it is from Lyme disease.  All the other "I feel like sh-- all the time!" people have no idea they are sick from Lyme disease.  It will be "announced" WHEN a real cure is found and not a day sooner.   It could and probably will be decades.  The "weaponized" version was purposely made to be "impossible" to destroy or even reduce.   It is engineered to continue to get WORSE!  Which is what is happening.  By the year 2030 essentially the entire planet will be infected with Lyme disease.    
    Thus the world now is entering the world-wide pandemic stage.   The USA (Lab 257 - read the book!) is also responsible for West Nile and much more.  Beyond belief the USA has even patented the Ebola virus.     When patented it was marked "TOP Secret" but paperwork was ACCIDENTALLY released to the media - oops!  Major oops!

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    Let us pray they are not discovered.    Making billions of pills in secret is beyond difficult.  Can they do it without detection?   The world will hold its collective breath even while 99.9% are unaware this is even going on.

    It will be a different mixture/formula than that the 500 mil who already have their live saving tree bark pills.  The plan (I have learned) is to sort out the 500 mil then figure out who the few thousand uber elites are.  

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    Why?  Bo one knows.   But the last such USA West Coast drought occurred over 1500 years ago.  It is easy to measure past droughts using ancient long dead trees (now petrified).  Just count their "rings" and distance between the rings to accurately spot droughts going back as far as 8000 years.  

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    Fukushima plus more nuke "accidents" probably to come will so radiate ocean water it may kill just as drinking salt water will do.  

    Has Mankind doomed itself?   Perhaps.    

    Science is also working on technology to remove radioactivity from water but progress is currently zero.   Zero zero zero.   Is there a future for mankind on planet earth.   As they say "watch this space!"

    • Kady Rafti Kady Rafti United States says:

      I appreciate a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person, but you do know "google" only directs you to things on the internet. It is not a fact verifying machine.  You are destroying the credibility of the lyme community with this unrelated nonsense.

  3. Kady Rafti Kady Rafti United States says:

    Here's the real story:
    Lyme was down played for years while a vaccine was in the works.
    Here you go.  A $600mm+ vaccine to cure a "made up" illness.  I guess it is serious after all.

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