ProstaCaid dietary supplement supports prostate health

A recent presentation at an international cancer research conference in Greece reviewed the body of data on ProstaCaid®, a dietary supplement compound for prostate health. A number of published studies demonstrate the formula's effects in supporting prostate health against specific prostate cancer cell lines and prostate urinary symptoms.

Daniel Sliva, PhD, senior investigator with the Cancer Research Laboratory at Methodist Research Institute of Indiana University Health, presented these findings at the 9th International Conference of Anticancer Research in Sithonia, Greece. The presentation emphasized results from the body of published research showing that ProstaCaid supports prostate health in the presence of multiple prostate cancer cell lines. Significantly, the formula is also shown to promote favorable gene expression in relation to prostate health.

The presentation also included results from a retrospective study on ProstaCaid in 75 men experiencing lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). The study evaluated symptoms prior to starting ProstaCaid and after at least two months of use. Results showed clinically relevant and statistically significant improvements in symptoms such as frequency of urination, incomplete bladder emptying, weak stream and straining. This study confirmed the indication of ProstaCaid to assist in supporting individuals with LUTS.

"The impact of ProstaCaid in laboratory and clinical settings has been impressive," said Dr. Sliva. "Ongoing research on botanical agents holds a great deal of promise for maintaining prostate health, providing hope for men who have, or are at serious risk of developing prostate cancer."

About three million American men are living with prostate cancer, with another 200,000 cases diagnosed each year. It is the most common cancer among men in developed countries, and one of the leading causes of cancer-related death in the United States. Despite a number of advancements over the years, treatment options are limited and come with a range of debilitating side effects.

Developed by integrative medicine pioneer and researcher, Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc, ProstaCaid is specifically designed to support prostate and immune health, and promote healthy hormonal balance.

"A combination of natural, safe, non-toxic, herbal and nutritional ingredients backed by published research offers critical support for prostate health," said Dr. Eliaz. "Research has shown that ProstaCaid is safe and effective at reducing prostate tumor development in mice, particularly in cancers that demonstrate resistance to common treatments. There is an urgent need to progress to further clinical trials."


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