ProfBiotics develops evidence-based health supplements to enhance health, wellbeing

A new range of vitamins and food supplements developed to enhance the health of specific organs has been launched in the UK.

ProfBiotics - backed by leading gastroenterologist and cancer specialist Professor Martyn Caplin (Royal Free Hospital, London and Wellington Hospital, London) - has developed a range of specially formulated, evidence based health supplements for people who want to support the well-being and functioning of their bowel, breasts, prostate, pancreas and liver.

Recognising the Link Between Diet and Disease

This revolutionary range of supplements is the culmination of studies, published in medical journals, into the evidence for diet and supplements in colon, breast, prostate, pancreas and liver disorders carried out by Prof. Caplin and colleagues. Each range of supplements developed by ProfBiotics is intended to support organ health.

Prof. Caplin's experience was that many of his patients were taking vitamins and supplements arbitrarily - without any specific or discernible reasons for doing so. That prompted him to embark on a wide-ranging search of evidence to support the notion that organ health can be directly influenced by what we eat.

Prof. Caplin developed with Tara Whyand, a senior oncology dietitian, meal plans to optimise health of individuals who may be predisposed to particular health risks and these are available via the ProfBiotics web site. Many individuals may not be able to consume the appropriate balance of nutrients in their diet. The ProfBiotics range of dietary supplements available at launch, give people the chance to optimise their nutrient intake with a combination of supplements and vitamins that promotes wellbeing.

A Range of Supplements That Promotes Increased Well-Being

The development of many serious health conditions can be caused by a complex combination of several factors, some of which include the chemicals that can be found in everyday foodstuffs. For instance, a link between the excessive consumption of processed red meats and cancer in the bowel has already been generally agreed. The evidence supporting the assertion that a healthy diet is directly linked to healthy organs is growing. Although there is a proven link between particular nutrients and organ well-being, it is often impossible for people to consume the quantities of food required to deliver significant health benefits. ProfBiotics has addressed that problem by giving people important nutrients in a course of oral supplements. This range of vitamins and nutrients has been developed to complement a healthy, balanced diet.

Among the many nutrients known to deliver significant benefits to organ health are curcumin from turmeric, zinc, thiamine, lycopene, green tea and vitamin D. The ProfBiotics range has been developed to give people a very simple way to consume these nutrients safely, and in sufficient quantities.

The ProfBiotics' advisory team has already published in medical journals on which dietary supplements can deliver significant benefits. The research articles can all be accessed on the ProfBiotics website.

Meal Plans for a Truly Balanced Diet

The research carried out by the ProfBiotics team has revealed that a diet which includes a range of specific nutrients can deliver very specific health benefits. This means that - rather than concentrating on eating certain food groups - people should be thinking closely about their overall diet. With this principle in mind, a full range of meal plans has also been developed by ProfBiotics, and each of them addresses a specific organ particularly for individuals who could have health risks.




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