BioReliance inks non-exclusive license agreement with QTS for proprietary B-CLEAR technology

BioReliance® (, Sigma-Aldrich Corporation's (NASDAQ: SIAL) biologics and early-development services business under SAFC® Commercial (, is pleased to announce a non-exclusive license agreement with Qualyst Transporter Solutions (QTS) for its proprietary B-CLEAR® technology. Used in conjunction with BioReliance technologies, B-CLEAR enables researchers to assess drug disposition and drug interactions within complex, whole-cell liver systems.

When applied to properly functioning hepatic cells, B-CLEAR opens the bile pockets (analogous to bile canaliculi in vivo), allowing material that has been transported from inside the cell into the bile pocket to be measured. The efflux measurements can then facilitate evaluation of biliary clearance, transporter interactions and intracellular concentration.

Until now, the study of the individual role of a transporter in primary hepatocytes and HepaRG cells, which express all of the hepatic transporters, was very difficult. However, by using Sigma-Aldrich CompoZr® Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) technology, HepaRG transporter knockout cell lines have been created empowering more accurate research investigations of liver transporters. The B-CLEAR technology enables effective measurement of uptake and efflux into the bile pocket, and the overall integrated effect of transporters and metabolism can also be evaluated.

"The ability to accurately predict drug transporter interactions in the liver is a critical part of developing safer and more efficacious therapies," said Paul Brooks, Ph.D., Head of Discovery Research Services at Sigma-Aldrich. "We have licensed the B-CLEAR technology to offer a more complete support service for drug transporter assessment, which is in line with BioReliance's drive to deliver the most innovative advances in in vitro ADME/Tox studies to address customers' most pressing needs."

"B-CLEAR technology exclusively allows users to measure compound in the bile pocket, and is the first technology of its kind to enable measuring of physiologic intracellular concentrations. Whether a user is interested in uptake transporter knockouts or efflux transporter knockouts, measuring changes in intracellular concentration is the perfect readout to understand their effects," said Dr. Christopher Black, CEO for Qualyst Transporter Solutions. "We are thrilled to make this licensing agreement with Sigma-Aldrich and BioReliance, and look forward to seeing its positive impact on the pharmaceutical industry."




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