DataMotion continues to experience rapid growth in healthcare industry

DataMotion™ today announced the company continues to experience rapid growth as a leading health information service provider (HISP) of Direct Secure Messaging for electronic health records (EHR) and HIPAA compliant email encryption. A growing number of EHR system vendors, health information exchanges (HIE) and healthcare providers are selecting both DataMotion Direct and DataMotion SecureMail for their interoperability, scalability and rapid deployment capabilities.

DataMotion's success comes from the flexibility of the company's cloud-based platform and fully interoperable, EHR agnostic nature. This allows DataMotion to deploy any of its secure delivery solutions, including Direct and SecureMail, in nearly any IT environment with compact deployment schedules. In the past six months, 10 new EHR vendors have achieved 2014 ONC-ACB certification using DataMotion Direct, bringing the total to 50 EHR vendors who have integrated the service into their solutions. The list of EHR vendors includes leading acute care solution providers such as MEDITECH and Epic, as well as many EHR vendors that focus on ambulatory specialties – such as ophthalmology, oncology or behavioral health.

"Patient engagement has become critical to mental and behavioral healthcare, and the data that is shared is particularly sensitive," said Chris Collier, sales director at PIMSY EHR. "With DataMotion Direct, our clients can communicate directly with their patients, not only providing the most up-to-date information, but ensuring all involved are 'on the same page.' Patients also gain the ability to view online, download and transmit data within days of it being available. Furthermore, there are no security keys to exchange – it's as simple as email – so users won't seek alternatives that lack security and could expose personal health information. This system brings us all together, while increasing operational efficiency in areas that range from data sharing to scheduling, as well as helping us meet Meaningful Use objectives."

In addition to the new EHR certifications, the company has reported additional accreditations, partnerships, high-profile deployments and technology advances, including:

  • DataMotion achieved accreditation with the Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program as both a Certificate Authority and Registration Authority from and the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission. This accreditation means DataMotion can now verify, validate and issue commercial and federal digital certificates, which can expedite the onboarding process required for secure communications. This clears the way for DataMotion Direct to be integrated into high volume, high impact patient engagement and population health initiatives.
  • Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE), the nation's largest HIE, has deployed DataMotion Direct to facilitate high-volume, secure delivery of protected health information (PHI). IHIE is trusted and relied upon to securely steward PHI for more than 25,000 physicians, 106 hospitals, 110 clinics and surgery centers and other healthcare organizations across 17 states.
  • Hackensack University Medical Center (HackensackUMC) deployed DataMotion's Direct and Direct Community Web Portal to securely transmit PHI to long-term care facilities, including those outside of their network and without access to an EHR or Direct address. Their long-term care facilities are better prepared for newly discharged patients since they have transition of care documents prior to patient arrival. HackensackUMC is a nonprofit research and teaching hospital comprised of 775 beds, 7,600 employees and 1,600 physicians. It is also the largest provider of inpatient and outpatient health services in New Jersey.
  • Stillwater Medical Center selected DataMotion's SecureMail Gateway to work with its long-deployed SecureMail Desktop to serve as the data loss prevention (DLP) email filter. Stillwater is a non-profit, regional acute care health center serving north central Oklahoma.
  • NeoDeck Holdings of Puerto Rico achieved ONC-HIT 2014 Edition certification of its NeoMed EHR system from the International Computer Security Association Labs using DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging as "relied upon software." NeoDeck is also selling DataMotion's entire portfolio of secure messaging solutions alongside its own suite of widely-used healthcare management software. The company is a longtime customer and uses DataMotion SecureMail to exchange sensitive information with customers throughout the Caribbean and South America.
  • DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging Service was selected by the American Dental Association as the secure messaging "backbone" at ADA 2014, the dental industry's largest and premier annual event, held last October. DataMotion Direct was used to demonstrate the secure exchange and transmission of digital patient images and data with various vendors' EHR and radiology imaging systems.

"DataMotion has continued to make incredible strides in the past six months and our capabilities in healthcare are evident and widely recognized," said Bob Bales, chief executive officer of DataMotion. "From clinics and laboratories to massive, regional medical centers and their affiliates – as well as the EHR and HIE solutions that connect them all – DataMotion is meeting healthcare's needs with a solution that is fast to deploy, fully interoperable and easy to scale. We are well positioned to accommodate future growth, including patient engagement and population health."

To meet the growing demand for secure HIE technology, DataMotion has recently launched a healthcare-specific website to support its growing presence in this important market segment.




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