NanoString Technologies launches “Dear Cancer Researchers” campaign

One of the greatest obstacles in the fight against cancer is the pace of the cancer research itself. Today, NanoString Technologies, Inc., a provider of life science tools for translational research and molecular diagnostic products, launched an advertising campaign called “Dear Cancer Researchers” to unveil its industry-changing nCounter SPRINT™ Profiler.

Featuring a laboratory-bench-top-sized unit and a price point attuned for individual researchers, the nCounter SPRINT system provides the same high-precision nCounter® chemistry as the company’s previous systems. The new system integrates sample prep and analysis into a single instrument, minimizing manual steps, while streamlining the overall workflow and accelerating sample-to-data for individualized experiments. 

“Cancer patients want time— time to keep living life, time with their loved ones, time to take care of unfinished business. That’s why our nCounter SPRINT matters – it gives cancer researchers the tools to find a cure faster,” said Brad Gray, NanoString Technologies president and chief executive officer.

Our global advertising campaign highlights cancer survivor stories to relay the importance of time in cancer research.”

NanoString’s “Dear Cancer Researcher” materials feature cancer survivors asking cancer researchers to utilize nCounter SPRINT to find a cure faster so that more people can have survival stories. The campaign uses a video, print and banner ads and a new website that positions nCounter SPRINT as a biotech revolution accelerating cancer research beyond the limitations of RT-qPCR and targeted RNA-Seq technologies. 

According to NanoString Technologies, its nCounter SPRINT Profiler could bring the cure to cancer “within a string’s reach” and usher in the following: 

  • The end of cancer - The single molecule counting technology is a leap forward in efficiency—accelerating the pace of cancer research to realize promising cures
  • The end of RT-qPCR - Technology enables views of entire pathways and networks without the complexities of many parallel RT-qPCR assays
  • The end of Targeted RNA-Seq - The simplified workflow is streamlined in comparison to using RNA-Seq for targeted profiling experiments 

“Our nCounter SPRINT system gives researchers the tools and opportunity to think beyond current everyday practice, and we invite the research community to Take a Stand at,” said Gray. “We realize not everyone will agree that we are on the verge of the end of RT-qPCR and targeted RNA-Seq in cancer research, so we are hosting an online debate for members of the community to weigh in on the future and pace of cancer research.”

For each cancer patient and survivor that is featured in the campaign, NanoString will donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society.  

For more information on NanoString Technologies and to take a stand, log onto


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