CEIA USA announces availability of CEIA Healthcare Detection Systems for MRI Safety Screening

Provides Simple, Fast And Effective Analysis With No Guesswork And True, Intelligent Alarms

CEIA USA, Ltd., a premier provider of safety and security screening systems, today announced the availability of the CEIA Healthcare Detection Systems – metal detection technology for MRI Safety Screening.

The CEIA MetalMag walk-through detector and CEIA PD240CH hand-held detector combine the benefits of both cutting-edge metal detection and ferromagnetic detection functionality to automatically filter and suppress alarms for non-threat items, without compromising the required threat item detection capabilities. As a result, the new systems end false alarm fatigue and guesswork.

No guesswork. True, Intelligent Alarms.

MRI safety screening is essential for both patients and staff and should be simple, fast and highly effective every time. The MetalMag walk-through detector automatically detects a wide variety of metallic items and ferromagnetic material threat items, such as scissors, that are considered dangerous in MRI environments all while eliminating unnecessary false alarms for non-threat items such as shoes, eyeglasses and even underwire bras. The MetalMag features CEIA's precision multi-zone targeting indication to pinpoint the exact location of the dangerous item on the person or in the body of the individual in transit. As a freestanding unit it does not require any specialized installation and can be quickly deployed prior to the MRI screening control point in any facility.

The PD240CH hand-held detector provides precise screening and uniform detection of smaller dangerous items for patients prior to being admitted to the MRI magnet room. The PD240CH portable metal detector combines high sensitivity to ferromagnetic metal masses with immunity to non-ferromagnetic metal masses such as dental fillings, as well as dental and metal limb prosthesis. Additionally, by quickly changing the operational mode, it can become a complete metal detector capable of detecting any type of metal material to include pacemakers, prostheses and vital support devices, as well as any other object carried by the patient that should not be taken into the strong magnetic field area. This mode can also be used to identify, for example, the presence of metal slivers in a patient following an accident or swallowing metal objects.

These solutions were developed in collaboration with Aegys -- an innovator of product and process solutions that enhance MRI safety and improve efficiency.

"CEIA USA is excited to introduce this breakthrough technology to the medical imaging industry," said Luca Cacioli, Director of Operations, CEIA USA. "CEIA has been setting the standard for our customers for over 45 years and these systems provides the MRI staff with the unprecedented ability to simplify yet accelerate its MRI safety screening capabilities."

"Aegys knew there was a better way to enhance MRI Safety Screening," said Joe Barwick, Co-Founder of AEGYS. "CEIA USA was undoubtedly the right partner to work with as we deliver the next generation of MRI safety for patients and staff. This technology has the proper functionality and sophistication to dramatically enhance MRI screening effectiveness and, just as importantly, the user experience."

"This partnership combines CEIA USA's unparalleled technology and quality standards with Aegys' expertise and knowledge of the MRI industry," said Steve Blackler, Co-Founder of AEGYS. "This collaboration ensures that these solutions are developed from a user perspective – meaning our customers will value deploying them. "

Key features of CEIA MRI Safety Screening Systems include:

  • Superior Detection with High Discrimination of Non-Threat Items
  • Precision Multi-Zone Targeting Indication Identifies the Exact Location of the Dangerous Item on the Body
  • Multiple Alarm Tones and Volume Setting Options for Staff-Friendly Environment
  • Free-Standing Design Does Not Require Structural Modifications for Installation or Deployment
  • Broad Range of Accessories includes Optional Remote Detector Network Management
  • Walk-Through and Hand-Held Models Fit Facility Needs

CEIA USA will showcase the CEIA MetalMag and PD240CH in the AEGYS booth #539 at
AHRA 2015 held July 20 - July 22, in Las Vegas, NV.




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