Plastic surgeon from New Jersey shares lesser-known details about tummy tuck surgery

A tummy tuck can dramatically improve a person's body contours, flattening and firming the belly, tightening muscles, and eliminating sagging skin, but for those of us who are not plastic surgeons, what goes into creating great tummy tuck results has largely remained a mystery—until now. In a new interview series, New Jersey board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul M. Parker shares some lesser-known details about tummy tuck surgery and recovery, which he encourages anyone considering the procedure to read before making a decision about surgery.

"Having a tummy tuck is a big step for most patients. It's normal to feel anxious about the 'unknowns': what happens during surgery, what recovery feels like. They may even feel unsure whether the procedure will work for them," states Dr. Parker, who counts abdominoplasty among his specialties at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery. "I want patients to understand how a tummy tuck really works so they feel confident in their decisions about surgery."

By educating patients about advanced surgical techniques, which Dr. Parker says enhance results and lead to a faster, more comfortable recovery, he hopes to ease concerns about the safety of tummy tuck surgery while emphasizing the importance of choosing a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon to ensure an optimal outcome.

In part one of the interview, Nitty-Gritty Details That Will Ease Your Worries About Tummy Tuck Surgery, Recovery, and Scars, readers can learn about:

Part two of the interview, Figuring Out a Treatment Plan for Top-Notch Results, focuses on the patient consultation process as well as how combining procedures strategically can enhance results:

Dr. Parker notes that the points covered in the interview series, published on the Parker Center website, reflect what he discusses with a patient during a consultation. Patients considering the procedure should expect this type of thorough education from any surgeon they are considering.

"I find tummy tuck surgery to be one of the most satisfying procedures to perform," says Dr. Parker, who has been performing abdominoplasty for more than 25 years. "Not only do I have the opportunity to make dramatic improvements to a patient's body contours, but it is also extremely rewarding to see how life-enhancing the procedure can be for patients."

He emphasizes that when performed by an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, a tummy tuck is a safe, long-lasting option to treat problems such as stretched abdominal muscles and sagging skin.


Parker Center for Plastic Surgery


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