Boston Scientific launches novel technology to improve hemostatic clipping

Launch of Hemostasis Clip Advances Innovation within the Field of Endoscopy

Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE: BSX) today announced the launch of the Resolution 360™ Clip, a novel technology designed to improve hemostatic clipping by providing physicians controlled rotation designed for more accurate clip placement. Boston Scientific will introduce the clip at the annual United European Gastroenterology Week (UEGW) in Vienna, Austria, and at the American College of Gastroenterology annual meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hemostatic clipping is used in a number of endoscopy procedures of the upper and lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract to stop and help prevent bleeding associated with conditions including peptic ulcers, polyps removed during a colonoscopy and diverticulosis of the colon.  There are more than 240,000 incidences of GI bleeding in the U.S. each year and worldwide a 10 percent mortality rate is associated with upper and lower GI bleeds. A retrospective study demonstrated that prophylactic clipping can reduce the risk of bleeding from a 9.8 percent to 1.7 percent leading to a reduction in adverse events associated with GI bleeding.

“The Resolution 360 Clip gives me the unique advantage of controlling the movement and placement of the clip while also maneuvering the scope during the clipping procedure,” said David L. Carr-Locke, MD, FRCP, FASGE, chief, Division of Digestive Diseases, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY. “The ability to have complete control can help improve the accuracy of clip placement and the speed of the procedure particularly in complex cases.”

The device is constructed using a multi-wire braided catheter that is designed to enable the healthcare professional to rotate the device in small, controlled movements in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, enabling the clip to be maneuvered to the target area and more accurately placed at the site of a GI bleed or a potential GI bleed. Physicians at the two conferences will have the opportunity to use the Resolution 360 Clip in a simulator to experience the device first-hand.

“We are always striving to improve our technology so that physicians have the tools they need to diagnose and treat gastrointestinal disease more easily and effectively,” said Art Butcher, senior vice president and president, endoscopy. “Building on the legacy Resolution Clip and its clinically proven technology, the expanded portfolio now offers physicians more hemostatic clipping options to consider in different clinical situations and patient anatomies.”


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