Syngene introduces easy-to-use powerful NuGenius gel imaging system

Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions, is pleased to introduce the powerful, NuGenius gel imaging system. This easy-to-use system quickly generates high quality images of DNA gels and will suit laboratories looking for a sensitive, affordable routine gel imager.

Complete with a high-resolution 5-million-pixel camera, UV filter and integrated processor the compact NuGenius is the perfect choice for quick, accurate DNA imaging. Featuring a touch screen controlled by image capture software, the system is simple for both students and experienced scientists alike to set up and rapidly generate images of a wide range of fluorescently labelled gel types.

The NuGenius can be flexibly configured to image stain-free gels or those stained with any commercial fluorescent or visible dyes. Featuring a compact darkroom and large UV transilluminator (20 cm x 24 cm) which can be fitted with Syngene’s White Light Converter Screen or the new UV-Blue Light Converter Screen, the NuGenius is then capable of imaging dyes including Coomassie Blue, GelGreen™ SYBR®Safe, SYBR® Gold, and SYPRO® Ruby to sensitively and safely detect nanogram quantities of DNA or protein.

Since the NuGenius has no external computer, the touch screen provides intuitive basic annotation and editing features. Images can be easily saved for detailed evaluation such as molecular weight analysis on a researcher’s own computer using GeneTools software, which is free with the system. This ensures that the NuGenius will only be in use by scientists for a short time, making the system ideal for busy labs where an imager needs to be available for use again quickly.

Scientists wanting to find out more about the exciting NuGenius, can click this link for more details:

“We’re excited to be launching a new sensitive, affordable gel imager,” says, Matthew Dunne, Senior Divisional Manager at Syngene, “the great technology that we’ve packaged into this compact system makes NuGenius the perfect choice for busy, budget-conscious labs that need a straight forward point and press gel imager.”



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