Syngene’s G:BOX automated imaging system features HI-LED lighting option

Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions, is delighted to announce its latest options for its highly successful G:BOX automated multi-purpose gel and blot imaging systems are now available. Utilizing high intensity, “HI-LED” lighting and updated image capture software, these flexible systems guarantee cost-effective imaging and faster workflow with a huge range of fluorescence gel and blot applications.

Featuring the option to add a full spectrum of high intensity blue, green, red and infra-red HI-LEDs that are up to 200 times brighter than standard LEDs, the new G:BOX options provide faster exposure times and great images in just one click. This makes the G:BOX systems an unrivaled, cost-effective alternative to expensive laser-based technology and offers a faster workflow than other CCD-based systems for imaging complex multiplex fluorescent gels and blots.

All systems in the G:BOX range are controlled via powerful new GeneSys software which now includes a simple icon selection of pre-set stain-free protein gel imaging conditions. The icon is based on optimum filter and lighting conditions that can accurately detect nanogram levels of protein on a stain-free gel and the software auto-calibrates to each gel or blot’s size to generate great publication-quality images every time.

The intuitive GeneSys software, which is fully integrated with the new G:BOX range, saves researchers time looking up recommended detection conditions by guiding them through set-up using a database of hundreds of commercially available dyes and stain-free options. This allows scientists to visualize gels and blots stained with, for example, ethidium bromide, Coomassie Blue and SYBR® stains, as well as imaging all types of stain-free gels, making accurate image capture incredibly easy.

Researchers wanting to find out more about the exciting new G:BOX range, should click this link:

“Many scientists want to image multiplex gels but don’t currently because it takes too long using a CCD-based imaging system or they cannot afford the laser-based technology to view them rapidly”, explains Dr Martin Biggs, Senior Divisional Manager at Syngene. “We’re excited to introduce our new G:BOX HI-LED options because these systems are capable of such incredible performance that they are perfect for any lab looking to access a quick, affordable method of rapidly generating high quality, chemi, fluorescence, colorimetric and now stain-free gel images time after time.”



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