Hearing Tracker survey ranks Oticon with top level results

Oticon has been rated as best in value, quality, patient satisfaction and more in a survey of more than 500 hearing care professionals. Hearing Tracker announced the latest in a series of Hearing Tracker surveys that explore factors hearing care professionals consider when choosing between leading hearing aid brands. Oticon ranked number one in multiple categories, boasting a 68% rating for patient satisfaction.

Most notably, Oticon ranked number one in all four of the attributes that survey participants indicated as most important when selecting a hearing aid for patients. Not surprisingly, sound quality was rated as the most important attribute and Oticon achieved more than double the ratings of the next two hearing aid brands in this category.

Oticon also attained the top ranking in the next three most important attributes for hearing care professionals, earning number-one status in reliability, ease of use and value for money. Oticon also outscored all other brands for aesthetics and support service to the professional.

“These results underline our position as industry leaders in advanced audiology and hearing aid technology and clearly demonstrate our commitment to developing and delivering the very best hearing aid solutions,” said Thomas Behrens, Head of Audiology, Oticon A/S.

The study results correlate strongly with a recent Oticon survey of 700 new Oticon Opn™ users who voluntarily mailed response cards to share their personal perceptions of the open sound experience. In the Oticon survey, users (average age 61-70 years) reported that they hear “better and much better” (96%), “understand more with less effort” (81%) and “keep up with the conversation” (62%). An impressive 70% were “very satisfied” - a result which highlights the consistently evident link between sound quality and user satisfaction.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to be rated so highly with our peers and users alike. Our goal is to always achieve this level and better to ensure ongoing satisfaction,” Thomas Behrens concluded.



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