Report sheds light on global market for infectious disease immunoassays

Kalorama Information says that infectious disease immunoassays beat the IVD market and the overall IVD market in terms of revenue growth. Immunoassays are tests that are based on the binding of antibodies to antigens to identify the presence of a substance. The healthcare market researcher said that the infectious disease immunoassay market is large because of the many different infectious agents affecting the population. There are over 40 types of tests listed in Kalorama's recent report, The World Market for Infectious Disease Immunoassays.

"It would be a mistake to think that all infectious disease testing is going molecular," said Bruce Carlson, Publisher of Kalorama Information. "Immunoassays are the workhorse of the lab and this is as much true in this segment as any other. Diseases such as HIV, HBV, and HCV infection are major problems worldwide, and growth of the IVD market in developing countries is fueling growth in the overall infectious disease immunoassay market."

Common infectious disease immunoassays performed in central laboratories are typically categorized into groups such as hepatitis, retroviral testing, sexually transmitted diseases, TORCH, and other infectious diseases. Infectious disease immunoassays are used in point-of-care setting or when rapid testing is needed. Immunoassays are also used to screen blood and blood products in order to prevent transfusion-transmitted infections. Kalorama's report noted that revenue growth rates on infectious disease were near 4.8% for infectious disease based tests and 3.6% for the overall immunoassay market. Growth in this market will primarily be fueled by the identification of new infectious agents for which testing may be needed, and by growth of diagnostic testing in developing countries where infectious diseases are a major problem.

Kalorama said that even though the overall field of immunoassays has mature segments, companies have continued to develop new immunoassays and immunoassay instrument platforms to improve the sensitivity of the assays. New developments are designed to make multiplexing possible, to miniaturize the platforms for point-of-­care, and to identify and develop assays for novel biomarkers, thus further expanding the potential of immunoassays for the future.

Kalorama Information's report, The World Market for Infectious Disease Immunoassays, provides important business planning data for companies in the immunoassay market, investing in the field, or considering expansion. The following are among the data provided in the report, the report contains sales for global Lab-based Infectious Disease Immunoassay Sales 2016 [Hepatitis, HIV, STD, TORCH, Respiratory, HAIs, Other Infectious Disease (in millions$). The report can be found on Kalorama's website or on Kalorama Information's Knowledge Center platform.


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