Tradeshow Talks with HealthSapiens

Tradeshow Talks with HealthSapiensBooth 41

Please tell us a bit about HealthSapiens

HealthSapiens is a company who are democratizing healthcare, with our peer-to-peer platform. We can  be found at booth 41 in the Blockchain Expo (part of the IoT Tech Expo) today. As far as learning more about us and what we're doing, please visit

Why are you at IoT Tech today?

We're looking to spread the word about what we're doing, what our mission is and how we hope to achieve it. We are hoping to help build our following, and get a buzz going before our ICO launches in June.

What does your platform do and what is your vision?

Our platform makes it easier for patients to get the care that they need by making doctors more accessible to provide the required care, creating a system of incentives where everyone's rewarded and incentivized to do the right thing. Ultimately, it helps patients be more engaged with their health and be healthier and happier.

Who are you looking to talk to at the Blockchain Expo today?

We're looking for physicians, care providers and others in healthcare who realize the frustrations of the current model and are open to another way to conduct business and help patients, who see there's a problem that needs fixing.

We're also looking for potential investors in our ICO (launching June 2018) who see the potential in our mission and want to join us in our quest to fix the global healthcare crisis. As a wise person once said, "A rising tide raises all ships."

Find HealthSapiens at Booth 41 in the Blockchain Expo at Olympia, London, today.


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