Tradeshow Talks with Manchester Metrology

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Please tell us a bit about the company and why are you here today.

We are Manchester Metrology, based in Droylsden, Manchester. We offer sub-contract measuring services across a wide range of industries, using scanning technologies and portable metrology. We've decided to come to this show because we're trying to get into the medical sector.

Is there a specific product that you're featuring?

There are three different products. We’ve got High Accuracy Scanning for high accuracy plastic parts, steel parts, and joints - anything that needs to have high accuracy. Then we've got the Lower Level Accuracy Scanners for people that want to analyze things that need a lower accuracy level, such as bones. We've then got portable scanners as well, which are down to 60 microns for portability use.

How are your services and products unique?

There are not very many companies in the scanning portability area and they tend to stick with aerospace or automotive industries. We go out and seek other industries, as well as doing a lot more case studies. We work with water, speed records, medical, also the automotive, aerospace industries as well.

What are you hoping to get out of the conference?

We’re trying to break into the medical industry and demonstrating that this technology does exist and is out there because it is really new. For example, the Cyber Gauge has only just come out, in October of last year.


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