Tradeshow Talks with Sumo Technologies

Tradeshow Talks with
​Sumo Technologies
Booth A33

Can you tell us a bit about the company and why you're here at Health GB 2018?

Sumo Technologies provide mobile rugged PCs, whether it's a PDA handheld, a tablet PC, or a full all in one PC. They're designed for lots of different markets, one of which is health care.

The reason we are here at Health GB today is we are launching our health care division, which specializes in providing equipment to the health care market.

Can you tell us about the equipment you have on show today?

Well we have an all in one PC that is battery powered. It has three batteries, which mean that it can last for a very long time. It fits on a cart and it can be cleaned so that reduces the risk of cross contamination.

We also have a tablet PC which is running a piece of software for people who have limited communication. Stephen Hawking had an early version of this on his wheel chair. These PCs are much better and allow more up to date pictures. If people can't speak or communicate well, they can use our PC’s to communicate to their surroundings around them.

We also have a little medical PDA here, which is a 4G device, it's designed to basically fit into a clinician's pocket so he can get access to health records.

Can you tell us how this equipment can be used in the health care industry?

On a ward where you may be taking observations using a monitor, that information can then be sent to our tablet PC. When somebody is doing ward rounds and they need alerts because they are in a critical care unit, the device will alert them.

We also have a device that can be used in the pathology lab, because the device can be hot washed and thoroughly cleaned to remove any possibility of cross-contamination.

What other applications and industries can the devices be utilised in?

The device can also be used in the military and within the food industry. The device is washable so you can use it on the food processing line, because they hot wash everything. The device can also be used by engineers out in the field because they can drop the device 32 times from one and a half meters onto a concrete floor without sustaining any damage. They are tough pieces of equipment.

Why should people come to your booth at Health GB?

They will be able to see how you can use the technology within a clinical environment. Particularly with a focus on infection control and things like that. Using your Dell PC in a ward is not a good idea as they are not designed to be cleaned. Come to our Booth to see our PC and see how the equipment can be cleaned and used at the point of care.

We are at Booth A33.


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