Tradeshow Talks with Ward Automation

Tradeshow Talks with Ward AutomationBooth: F29

Please tell us a bit about the company.

We're Ward Automation. We develop and manufacture assembly machines and automation solutions for the medical sector, pharmaceuticals, and high-end manufacturing. We have two bases - one in the northwest of Ireland in Sligo and one in Galway.

Is there a specific product or service that you're featuring?

We actually have a range of services. We have a number of different areas of the company that we focus on here – automation equipment, proof of concept equipment, upgrades and rebuilds, installation and commissioning, validation, controls engineering and documentation and support.

How are your services and products unique?

All our machines are custom built, so we focus a lot on innovation. So most of our machines, you won't find them anywhere else. They have very original designs.

What are you hoping to get out of the conference?

We’re here at the show just to make contacts and network.

It’s our first time doing this show and our first time exhibiting at a show in the UK. So, it's just a chance for us the kind of meet new people and other companies.


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