Tradeshow Talks with Keneric Healthcare

Tradeshow Talks with Keneric
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Tell us about the company and why you are attending Health GB 2018.

We design a range of products that stimulate wound healing and repair. Primarily we are here to promote our RTD Wound Dressing which is aimed at patients with acute and chronic exudating wounds, such as pressure and leg ulcers.

RTD Wound Dressing has been marketed in the US for some time and this is our first time showing it to a UK audience. That is why we are at HealthGB.

How does the product work?

RTD is an  advanced PU foam with three major components; silver ions, methylene blue, gentian violet in addition to a non-ionic surfactant. When applied to the wound various mechanisms of action take place inside the foam.

An important activity results from the methylene blue which is a photo-catalytic dye and when irradiated with light, it creates singlet oxygen. RTD Wound Dressing is densely populated with reticulated cells that create a very strong capillary suction. This very powerful mechanical action provides similar therapy to costly NPWT systems.

The synergistic effect of RTD components work together to facilitate the removal of bioburden from the wound bed and this aids a conducive micro environment for wound healing.

How does this product differ from other wound dressings?

It's the only one that has this triple activity. RTD has silver ions, methylene blue and gentian violet plus a non-ionic surfactant that allows for very fast absorption to help the wound to heal quicker.

RTD has consistently demonstrated successful healing on wounds that doctors could simply could not heal, even some that were decades old and just hadn’t closed. These doctors applied the RTD dressing and the wounds healed and closed.

Efficacy of oral antibiotics is becoming more limited as time goes by, and their efficacy is far lower than it was 30 years ago, so we’ve really got to add in topical antibiotics. The trouble with this is that most topical antibiotics inhibit tissue growth, and they can slow down the healing process. The technology of RTD Wound Dressing provides the conditions that allow the wound to heal.

As a company we say we that RTD micromanages the wound bed to allow the wound to heal itself. I work in Malaysia and Southeast Asia where we see a lot of diabetic patients, with seemingly unhealable wounds that RTD now heals. RTD changes real people’s lives and their whole families benefit. It's quite miraculous.

Who are you hoping to connect with at this year’s event?

Wound care specialists or new companies that we can collaborate with.


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