Digital Integration in Laboratory Practice Highlighted in LABVOLUTION 2019

This year it will celebrate the most exciting advances in digitization, automation, and increased connectivity of the modern laboratory over three days at the Hannover Exhibition Center.

Technology, infrastructure, and analytics solutions will all take center stage at LABVOLUTION 2019. The event will include tech solutions for labs across the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as areas such as environmental technology, food technology, biotechnology, medicine, life sciences, and R&D.


Taking place in Hannover, Germany, LABVOLUTION will feature exhibitors from Europe, North America, and East Asia. From agriculture, mining, energy, and education, to technical services, communication, human health, and social work, there is ample opportunity to meet peers and collaborate with professionals across industries.

Some highlights from exhibitors in LABVOLUTION 2019 include:

  • Zeiss Microscopy
    The ZEISS Axiocam 305 mono camera produces high-resolution imaging at high speeds with state of the art CMOS global shutter technology. The five-megapixel camera allows users to expose and store 36 frames a second at the highest resolution, and offers a highly detailed image showing different contrasts, intensities, and structural details.
  • MiCareo
    Taiwanese start-up MiCareo brings the MiSelect R System to LABVOLUTION 2019 for the first time. This brand new device can isolate and profile a single live cell from one tube of blood, allowing users to extract biological and genomic information. Additionally, up to 13 biomarkers can be characterized by the MiSelect R System, and single cells can be retrieved for downstream analysis. With MiSelect R System, MiCareo continues to strive towards decoding cell information as precision medicine becomes closer to being a reality.

smartLAB 2019

Making its first appearance in 2015, smartLAB is the highlight of LABVOLUTION year on year, with 2019 being no exception. Focusing on networking and interactivity, smartLAB is a collaborative project between institutions and companies from both research and industry and actively promotes digitization in the laboratory.

We will be integrating a host of innovative elements into smartLAB III. From interaction media and augmented reality functions to the new generation of virtual reality glasses and drones, we will leverage the full technical potential and at the same time achieve our aim of showcasing a fully functional laboratory of the future at LABVOLUTION.

Dr. Sascha Beutel, Coordinator of the smartLAB project at the Institute of Technical Chemistry, Leibniz University of Hannover

A range of demonstrations and events will take place in smartLAB III, with lectures, presentations, and hands-on, interactive workshops filling the three-day program.

A selection of the conference agenda includes:

  • smartLAB – The Intelligent Lab of the Future
    Speaker PD Dr. Sascha Beutel will lead the lecture, covering a collection of laboratory workflows in live demonstrations and showing how the smartLAB interacts with digital systems already in widespread use.
    21 May 2019. Hall 19, Stand D16 (German)
  • The Digital Laboratory: Employee Perspectives on Digitization and Automation in the Workplace
    Professor Dr. Christoph Klimmt heads a presentation exploring how the digitization of communication in laboratories can create as many opportunities for companies as it can risks. How the digitization of the employee workload will occur and the risks employees may face in dealing with information overload due to digital technologies are explored in this 20-minute talk.
    21 May 2019. Hall 19, Stand D16 (German)
  • Empowering Scientists Through Voice Technology
    Documenting results and discoveries regularly impede scientists in their work. With no convenient way to record findings, scientists are at risk of missing key details that may prevent research from being reproduced. This lecture held by Steffen Gloth will explain how voice-powered technology in laboratories enable scientists to make notes, record data, create order lists, and set timers and reminders, freeing them up to make advances in their work.
    21 May 2019. Hall 19, Stand D16 (English and German)
  • Laboratory Goes 4.0 – Workspace Revolution or Jobokalypse
    The laboratories of the future are considered in this lecture with speaker M.Sc Michael Peter Skoruppa. He explores ideas such as whether digitization is an overhyped buzzword or a signal that human employees are being replaced by digital counterparts.
    22 May 2019. Hall 19, Stand D16 (German)


Visitors to LABVOLUTION 2019 will be able to learn about, work with, and experience the newest innovations in a wide range of sectors all celebrating the best full spectrum of laboratory equipment. Attendees will also benefit from the chance to find the best equipment for their laboratories at an event with digitization and connectivity at its heart. The event also offers a fantastic opportunity to network with peers and form new connections to advance projects, innovation, and research.

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