Placing students at the heart of Albumedix

I have really enjoyed my time at Albumedix! It has been an eye opener into different career options available to me and has allowed me to develop skills and experience whilst working with a variety of inspirational people!”

Abbie Tomes, Life Sciences Postgraduate from the University of Nottingham

Recently, Albumedix were fortunate enough to employ two postgraduates through the University of Nottingham postgraduate placements scheme (PPN). The scheme places talented post-graduates with exciting companies for up to 200 hours part-time work, for between 3 - 6 months.

Our Market Development Team within Albumedix were looking to carry out an extensive market analysis project into one of the many albumin application areas; in order to obtain information and challenge our current perceptions. Incorporating two postgraduate students into this project allowed us to make quick progress and benefit from an expert external perspective simultaneously.

The decision to take on two students rather than one for us was an easy one, particularly because of the quick and straight forward nature of the hiring process with the university. Abbie and Dan had different areas of expertise, which has shown to add great benefit to the project as their complimentary knowledge provided a more holistic result overall.

Paul Rice (PPN Placements Delivery Manager) sums the collaboration up perfectly:

To be able to place University of Nottingham students with a company of the caliber of Albumedix, and for a company like theirs to recognize the skills and knowledge offered by our postgraduate community, shows the way that a truly collaborative approach to placements opens doors for everyone involved.”

Based on our experience, we would very much recommend other organizations to make a placement offer. Students breathe a wonderful fresh perspective into projects and work practices which have existed for a long time and equally, they develop skills and experience which will allow them to go onto become the new generation of science.

This practice is a fantastic part of our Heart of Albumedix initiative, stay with us to follow the rest of the story!



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