Virtual Hospital becomes flagship test site for COVID-19 virus

The Virtual Hospital (Advanced Centre for Clinical Simulation) of Valencia's Catholic University (UCV) has become the flagship site for the tests of researchers, universities and companies to measure the suitability of mechanical respirator prototypes created for patients affected by COVID-19.

Tthe patient lung simulator assesses the suitability of the mechanical respirators that are being created in a hurry. In other words, it makes it possible to learn the capabilities of the prototypes and their responses to a wide range of respiratory frequencies and lung volumes."

Constantino Tormo, Director, Virtual Hospital

Tormo says that the RespiSim System (ASL 5000) from Medical Simulator, the most advanced in the world and the only one available in Spain, "is making it possible to reproduce all the situations of a diseased lung, and to test the operation of a real respirator in all possible settings. It is designed to tackle different clinical situations, both with non-invasive and invasive mechanical ventilation.

"It provides the data with analogue output curves and in digital output, in real units, that are used in human physiology and physiopathology and, in all cases, the same ones used by a bedside physician when mechanically ventilating a patient."

The UCV team, headed by Constantino Tormo and Vicente Prats, Simulation and Clinical Technician, is collaborating with engineers, doctors, anaesthetists, intensive care doctors and simulation technicians "who are currently creating artificial respiration devices in a rush, but which need the green light from the Ministry of Health, because they haven't had the chance to be tested in clinical conditions, unlike the respirators that are currently on the market", in order to "make it possible to, in a safe environment, ensure that experts in mechanical ventilation can simulate normal and extreme ventilation conditions."

Companies such as Power Electronics have also requested the Respiration Simulator of the Virtual Hospital and technical help to test their prototypes. Likewise, Tormo and Prats have tested "to the full satisfaction of UPV researchers, the invasive mechanical ventilation prototypes in their laboratories."

The director of the Virtual Hospital adds that it is "the only one that can reproduce all respiratory system pathologies in all the stages of life, from newborns to adults, such as the emergency response by patients affected by coronavirus, following the no patient that needs one will be left without a respirator motto."

Three respirators for Manises hospital

Likewise, the Virtual Hospital of the UCV has accepted a temporary and indefinite assignment of three respirators to Manises hospital. These are two high range respirators to conduct mechanical ventilation on the most critical patients who are in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

Furthermore, the Virtual Hospital has supplied a transport respirator, which is essential to move invasive mechanical ventilation patients inside the hospital.

New delivery of healthcare materials for the regional Health Department and hospitals

Following the first delivery of healthcare materials to the regional Health Department on 19 March, and with more material gathered in different facilities and campuses of the UCV, Valencia's Catholic University has delivered two new batches of health protection material, consisting of sterile gowns, protective eyewear, masks, long socks, surgical caps, overalls, hydroalcoholic solution and alcohol for medical use to the regional Healthcare Department, which will be sent to the Peset hospital. Healthcare material has also been delivered to Valencia's IMED and Casa de Salud hospitals.

Regarding its facilities, the UCV has sent a report to the regional Health Department, making their adapted facilities, equipment and Virtual Hospital staff, as well as the new University Clinics, available to patients who need special care and severe cases, providing ambulatory, consultation and hospitalisation health care services.

In summary, the UCV has made all its resources and capabilities available for society and the healthcare authorities in order to overcome the pandemic sooner rather than later.


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