Researchers identify a potential target for small cell lung cancer

The cover for issue 39 of Oncotarget features Figure 4, "Apoptosis assay of NRXN1-targeted ADC at IC50 dose calculated by growth inhibition curves," by Yotsumoto, et al. which reported that the authors identified transmembrane proteins overexpressed specifically in SCLC with little or no expression in normal tissues and decided to focus on the cell adhesion molecule neurexin-1.

The cell surface overexpression of NRXN1 was confirmed using flow cytometry in SCLC cell lines.

The combination of a primary anti-NRXN1 monoclonal antibody and a secondary ADC exhibited anti-tumor activity in SCLC cell lines.

Moreover, the knockout of NRXN1 in SHP77 cells resulted in a loss of the anti-tumor activity of NRXN1-mediated ADC therapy.

Thus, NRXN1 could be a novel target for ADC therapy for the treatment of SCLC that is worth further research.

Journal reference:

Yotsumoto, T., et al. (2020) NRXN1 as a novel potential target of antibody-drug conjugates for small cell lung cancer. Oncotarget.


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