FairJourney Biologics introduces “THE ANTIBODY SERIES” conference

FairJourney Biologics S.A. (FJB), leaders in the discovery and optimization of antibodies, today announced the launch of the “THE ANTIBODY SERIES” - a 1-day conference bringing together top experts in the antibody field to explore the latest innovation within antibody drug discovery. The conference is being launched in Porto, Portugal, celebrating FairJourney Biologics’ inauguration of their new purpose built, state-of-the-art facilities. Online registration to the event has been made available free for a limited period here: https://www.fjb.pt/the-antibody-series

THE ANTIBODY SERIES takes place on September 9th 2021 (8:45 am BST) and will play host to a panel of influential and international speakers ranging from Biotechs, Universities and Nobel Prize Laureate including:

  • Sir Gregory Winter, Winner of the 2018 Chemistry Nobel Prize
  • Hans Clevers (Principal Investigator at The Hubrecht Institute)
  • Ton Logtenberg (University Medical Center Utrecht)
  • John McCafferty (CSO at IONTAS)
  • Maria Pajuelo (CSO at FJB)
  • Daniela Teixeira (COO at FJB)
  • Teresa Barata (Head of Protein Production and Characterization at Flow Eighteen38)
  • Allan Jensen (Vice President at Lundbeck)
  • Mihri Tuna (CSO at Adaptate)
  • Tatiana Novobrantseva (Co-founder and CSO at Verseau)
  • Tim Van Hauwermeiren (CEO at argenx)

THE ANTIBODY SERIES will be broadcast live from Porto to enable audiences globally the chance to participate and watch the conference, with the in-person event attended by notable invitees from Industry and Academia..

We believe our customers and clients will benefit greatly from the decades of experience, innovation and insight each speaker brings to this new event. Having such a diverse panel of speakers, from leading industry to academia, including Nobel Laureate at our first event is truly encouraging and we look forward to sharing this special event with our community and growing the platform.”

António Parada, CEO, FairJourney Biologics


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