Women-focused diagnostics start-up wins INTEGRA Biosciences’ EVOLVE pipettes

Nanopath, a molecular diagnostics start-up, has been chosen as the first winner of the recently launched INTEGRA supports start-ups competition, receiving 30 EVOLVE manual pipettes to help the company further develop its novel technology and translate the method to the clinic. Nanopath’s vision is to disrupt traditional testing methodologies for women in outpatient settings, employing a novel diagnostics platform that avoids the amplification steps used in PCR, enabling rapid testing closer to the point of care.

“Nanopath is a small company, and our team brings multifaceted expertise that spans assay development and engineering. With all our lab technicians using the same pipettes for each workflow, we can ensure consistency between users and build a solid foundation of data that we can trust. Winning the pipettes will undoubtedly positively impact Nanopath’s journey in a significant way.” 

Dr Amogha Tadimety, Co-Founder and CEO at Nanopath

The Nanopath team was already using the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot and the VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette to automate the liquid handling workflows that underpin its technology, and this positive experience encouraged the team to apply for the INTEGRA prize: “Starting with these products made a tangible difference to a small company like ours. We were able to substantially increase our throughput at an early stage, quadrupling the number of patient samples we could run in a day, while providing superior accuracy. Building a relationship with a supportive supplier like INTEGRA is invaluable to start-ups like us, and we would highly recommend other innovative disruptors in the biotechnology sector to apply to this program.”

Visit the INTEGRA Biosciences website to learn more.


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