High quality, cost effective surgical retractor is welcomed by leading US hospital group

JUNE Medical is delighted to announce a new agreement with a major US hospital group to supply the award-winning Galaxy II® self-retaining surgical retractors to over 1,600 hospitals in the US, commencing April 15, 2023. This game-changing device radically improves the safety and ease of surgical retraction for both patients and medical staff; its ergonomic design transforms the way in which surgeons work and it is particularly ideal for group purchasing organizations aspiring to supply their hospitals with high quality and competitively priced products.

JUNE Medical is an innovative, women-owned medical device company with an outstanding reputation for developing revolutionary medical equipment for surgeons across the world. Its Galaxy II self-retaining retractor was first developed to dramatically improve comfort and visualization for the operating room (OR) team during gynecological and urological surgery, but it has since been rapidly adopted by all surgical disciplines. The lightweight instrument’s cam lock system is self-retaining and allows single-handed adjustments without screws, removing the reliance on OR assistants to hold surgical sites open, and freeing up personnel for more pressing tasks. The retractor holds securely to the patient with low-profile hooks, giving surgeons control over the degree of tension and avoiding unnecessary trauma or tearing to the skin for better patient care. It is available in multiple frames with various hooks – from sharp to semi-blunt and blunt – and flexible options to suit any patient and any procedure.

Making waves

The Galaxy II is already making waves in the medical device industry, surpassing other retractors in terms of safety, cost and sustainability. It is light weight and uses 20 percent less plastic than other similar devices, reducing the amount and weight of medical waste that is sent to landfill, and helping healthcare centers to reach environmental targets. JUNE Medical’s world-class manufacturing has also been completely unaffected by the current supply chain issues that are adversely affecting many medical device suppliers, and the strong, dedicated team behind the product has a proven track record of exceptional customer satisfaction.

Delighted inventor

Angela Spang, founder and owner of JUNE Medical, commented: “We are delighted to partner with this prominent US hospital group to provide surgeons across the US with the Galaxy II. This award-winning self-retaining surgical retractor has been meticulously designed to overcome the challenges of traditional cumbersome devices, improving the safety of surgery for all, and we are pleased with how well it has already been received by the organization’s hospitals and advisory board members. This is a true reflection on the quality of our products and manufacturing procedures, as well as our ability to produce medical equipment that makes a real difference to patient care.”

Department of Trade support

Richard Hyde, His Majesty’s Consul General in Texas, Department for International Trade added: “It is easy to support British innovations when they are this popular with customers in North America. The Galaxy II device is not just better for surgeons, it is also better for the environment and for American patients, with cost savings and a safer design. I, along with the UK Department for Business and Trade team, am delighted to see the swift uptake in the US market and congratulate this enterprising hospital group on including Galaxy II in its contract for member buyers.”

Surgeons around the world appreciate Galaxy II

“Medical innovation is important in all aspects of surgery from patient selection to postoperative care, and, in my experience, it is often the simplest of inventions that make the most difference,” Roger Dmochowski, Urologic Surgeon, remarked. “The Galaxy II is the epitome of a product that uses ingenuity to modernize surgery and improve patient safety, by swapping cumbersome screws with cam locks. This new partnership will help surgeons across the US to strive for excellence in the operating room and bring surgical equality, as every patient deserves access to great healthcare.”

Learn more about the game-changing Galaxy II retractor at https://junemedical.com/galaxy-ii-overview/


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