How a software company is combining automation with advanced AI as a single platform for the entire laboratory operations, accelerating scientific discovery

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Xavo is using advanced AI for lab automation and scheduling to provide a unique solution for sample management, materials, equipment interfacing, and workflow management with their exclusive Pathfinder technology. This new approach acts as a catalyst for increased scientific efficiency, ultimately leading to accelerated scientific discovery and better outcomes for the world as we know it today.

The laboratory automation industry is expected to grow significantly, with demand for lab automation becoming a priority. With automated systems gaining popularity within research laboratories, as they enable faster, accurate, and more efficient data analysis. Automation also helps to streamline laboratory operations, improve laboratory safety, and reduce costs. in terms of revenue, the automation industry was estimated to be worth $5.1 billion in 2022 and is poised to reach $7.1 Billion by 2028.

With the world of life sciences research and development continually evolving, there are many operational challenges in lab automation, with research labs facing increasing pressure to accelerate material delivery, manage tasks and large inventories whilst evolving their science. Lab operators are facing increasingly high volumes of work, short timelines and complex workflows. As a result, analysts may struggle to progress within their work and have less free time to innovate, ultimately having a direct impact on efficiency, productivity and overall business performance. The industry has also seen Increasingly complex workflows with high-throughput demands.

Intelligent requests and sample management are crucial in understanding the solution to these challenges. This includes the management of R&D projects, the logistics of materials, samples, assays, and how materials, equipment, and lab resources come together in the day-to-day lab operations to perform the work that ultimately leads to new and better scientific outcomes.

Xavo’s business mission is to address these operational challenges by providing SaaS solutions, using advanced AI methodologies through a comprehensive approach that addresses the entirety of lab processes. Xavo’s R3 software utilizes algorithmic intelligence to optimize lab resources for material use and efficiency offering heightened adaptability that can be configured specifically to the unique requirements of each lab.

Unlike other order fulfilment solutions, Xavo offers real-time calculations of lab operations, known as the Pathfinder, which is grounded in the use of a digital twin —an all-encompassing digitized representation of a lab's capabilities. Xavo’s Copilot technology uses advanced machine learning technology for resource scheduling and planning to fully describe and illustrate the lab's potential capacity. The Copilot is capable of dynamically learning from user input to constantly evolve and improve lab operations.


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