Sphere Fluidics launches Cyto-CellectPLUS to accelerate cell line development workflows

Sphere Fluidics, a leading provider of innovative microfluidics-based solutions for single-cell analysis and isolation, today announced the launch of Cyto-Cellect®PLUS. In conjunction with the Company’s Cyto-Mine® platform, the new assay provides a streamlined method to measure antibody production in single cells by rapidly detecting secreted human IgG, enabling the identification and selection of cells with the highest productivity for more efficient cell line development.

Cyto-CellectPLUS is a robust and easy-to-use Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) assay that enables researchers to quantify IgG productivity with high sensitivity. Expanding on Sphere Fluidics’ original Cyto-Cellect Human IgG kappa (IgGκ) Detection Kit, Cyto-CellectPLUS now detects both the IgG kappa (κ) and lambda (λ) light chains to support a broader range of projects. The assay is fully compatible with existing Cyto-Mine functionality, including single cell dispensing into 96-well and 384-well plates, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into customers’ existing cell line development workflows and conforms to relevant regulatory requirements by being animal-origin-free.

Cyto-Mine is an automated platform which integrates single cell screening, sorting, dispensing, imaging, and clone verification in one bench-top system. Underpinned by the Company’s patented, microfluidic picodroplet technology, it can automatically screen up to 40 million cells in a matter of hours, compared with 10,000 typically achieved using multi-step manual techniques. This accelerated throughput is already widely recognized across a variety of research areas, including antibody discovery, cell line development, cell engineering and synthetic biology. The platform also facilitates rapid, high-throughput single cell manipulation and analysis across an expanding range of emerging research areas, including precision genome editing and cell therapy.

Richard Hammond, Chief Technology Officer, Sphere Fluidics, commented: “Building on the success of our original Cyto-Cellect kit, we’re excited to bring this new assay to customers. Cyto-CellectPLUS also enables IgG lambda (IgGλ) detection; something that has previously been unavailable and introduces a unique solution to our customer offerings. This launch demonstrates ongoing innovation and expansion of our capabilities, in line with our plans to accelerate commercial roll out. By enabling researchers to quantify productivity at the single-cell level, we are working small, so they can think big.”

Maryam Ahmadi, Director of Cell and Molecular Biology, Sphere Fluidics, added: “Cyto-CellectPLUS leverages the technical expertise and dedication of our team to meet the evolving demands of our customers’ workflows. By facilitating the detection of both light chains of IgG, this assay builds on our original Cyto-Cellect kit, providing a complete solution to enable researchers to identify and select cells with the highest productivity for downstream research. Ongoing research and development of new assays reflects our commitment to providing innovative solutions for our customers, empowering them to expand their research capabilities.”


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