Sphere Fluidics awarded gold accreditation by investors in people

Sphere Fluidics, a leading provider of innovative microfluidics-based solutions for single-cell analysis and isolation, today announced that it has received the ‘We invest in people’ Gold accreditation, a prestigious award presented by Investors in People (IIP). This accolade is in recognition of the Company's commitment to excellence in people management and continuous improvement in workplace practices.

The IIP framework is a globally-recognized standard for people management, defining what it takes to lead, support, and manage people effectively to achieve sustainable results. Presentation of the Gold accreditation signifies how Sphere Fluidics has not only met but surpassed the high standards set by IIP when assessing the Company’s practices, policies, and overall approach to investment in people. The award demonstrates an outstanding commitment to empowering employees, fostering an inclusive culture, and driving performance through effective leadership and management practices.

Sphere Fluidics has always placed a high priority on the well-being and development of its employees, understanding that a motivated and engaged workforce is essential for driving innovation and achieving strategic goals. This prestigious award is a reflection of the Company's robust HR practices, including comprehensive professional development programs, a strong emphasis on work-life balance, and an inclusive, collaborative workplace environment.

Receiving the Gold Investors in People Award is a significant milestone for Sphere Fluidics. It recognizes the dedication and hard work of our entire team in creating a workplace where people feel valued, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential. This award is not just a tribute to our HR practices, but a testament to our commitment to nurturing a culture of excellence and continuous improvement."

Dale Levitzke, CEO, Sphere Fluidics, expressed his pride in the achievement 

Denise Emsden, VP of People & Organizational Development, Sphere Fluidics added: “We are extremely proud to receive this award; a reflection of the dedication to our team and desire to ensure Sphere Fluidics is a great place to work for all our employees. It’s an honor to receive this recognition of our commitment and ambition to deliver important benefits and support to our team.”


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