1. Glenda Parrott Glenda Parrott United States says:

    What a sinful waste of time, effort, and money for this research.  Humans are not of the animal kindgom.  We are a genetic component of God.  HE made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve for sexual intercourse. HE made the perfect design of the males anatomy to fit correctly into a womans vagina.  Having intercourse in a human anus is unreal as that is our sewer outlet. How sicking for a person to engage into this kind of sex.  Having oral sex and sex in this anus is very different. True germs and disease can be gotten and spread both ways, but anual sex is where our bowel movemenets come from--and they are expecelling all the bacteria that thrives there and anyone that has sex in that area is asking for the terrible diseases that exsist there.  Yes, there are diseases that exist between hetrosexuals, but nothing like those between homosexuals.  If you ask God to fogive you of this perverted thinking and resarch HE will--then correct this article so that others will not be condemmed to a unclean lifestyle.  Let the animals do their THING and humans, hetrosexuals, do their THING---THE RIGHT THING.

    • jay jay United States says:

      Humans... not part of the animal kingdom??    

    • Denis Denis United States says:

      We are of the animal kingdom - we share most of the same genetic material and our bodies are *very* similar to that of mammals, even down to having the same kinds of bones and nerves.  How dare you assume what God is made of - the bible was written by MAN, not God, so it is flawed.  How dare you also assume God has a gender and is male!  A Penis also fits elsewhere dear -- if you don't think so, study some anatomy and being gay is not all about sex just as the article is not all about sex, but bonding, etc.  The mucousal lining of the anus and mouth are very similar to the vagina -- that's why you can get diseases of any of these anywhere these mucosa exist.  Vaginas are also where dead/putrid uteral material is expelled from.  You are right that God will forgive you for your hate, but you also have a responsibility to love your neighbor and all created things.  You have the perverted thoughts it seems.

    • Chloe Chloe Australia says:

      God is a woman, have you not heard? SHE might forgive your ignorance Glenda, but most of us are just going to laugh at you.

    • Dr. Scott Dr. Scott United States says:

      Dear Glenda,

      You wouldn't know what "the right thing" was if it walked up and bit you on the bum!. Your archaic ideas about sin are repulsive, and your use of the preposterous phrase "God's DNA" clearly demonstrates that you have no grasp of either metaphysics or science.

      God made some people heterosexual and some people homosexual, and some in different flavors too.  Who do you think you are to contradict God's creation?  

    • dalia dalia United Kingdom says:

      Glenda you are absolutely right, I really liked your article, I think people are mixing up the humans with the animal kingdom, what a comparison to convince humans that being homosexual is normal, Adam and Steve from animal kingdom are open minded , whilst Adam and Eve are odd in our era I guess!!

    • albie albie United States says:

      Glenda, you're so funny.  I almost took you seriously until I realized your blatant stupidity was meant to be ironic.  Adam and Steve!! So clever and original.  I hope to meet you one day and hear the rest of your comedy material...you really should consider a career in show business!!

    • ramael ramael United States says:

      We are not part of the animal kingdom? so, which is our kingdom then... plants? rocks?

      A genetic piece of god!!! ???? LOOOOL OMFG!!

      Where is your proof?, please, do us all a favour and go get a life, or even better. I cannot believe such amount of ignorance can be contained in one single human.

    • nSJ nSJ Brazil says:

      Glenda, you are really funny. I am sorry but you are like my mum. Too emotive to ponder facts instead of feeling emotions.To other readers, I am not referring only to her rationale, but to that which is partially common to all persons that think more or less the same way.

      Human experience and knowledge are god, IMHO.  What's defined in our society as right and wrong are nothing but paradigms. Social paradigms are constantly being redefined. If a  different and new idea is formed by a group, its progression will be positive if gradually being accepted by other groups and individuals, whereas its progression will be negative if other groups and idividuals do not accept it.

      It becomes very interesting if we consider that every new fact is being processed by every human being that comes into contact with it.  The sentence defined as bad or good that reaches majority can also be defined as a social paradigm. It is a different, but undoubtless, natural selection force in action.

      As ideas are recycled, new concepts born just as obsolete ideas go to grave and cease to be paradigms. Because we elaborate/construct/rearrange old concepts into new ones, our behavior has been through  self-inflicted natural evolution/improvement. Human paradigms and behaviour, the latter which is based on up-to-date knowledge, have been under construction since the first atoms glued together into a molecule and shall continue.

    • EEE EEE United States says:

      Oh Glenda. Please tell me where you heard that heterosexuals' (note spelling) STDs are different from homosexuals'?

    • ahem ahem Canada says:

      Imaginary friends make us feel glad. Not gay, just happy. Hip hip, chin chin to scientific reason and whatever fills your blank.

    • sarah sarah United States says:

      Aww, cute. Look how brainwashed by the church you are. Do me a favor, and stay out of the scientific community if you can't be bothered to have any grasp of understanding for it. Go back to your church and Man In The Sky.

    • Ron Ron United States says:

      It is amazing how blind (some)so called Christains can dole out the judgment of others! I'm a Christian, but I appreciate the fact that the bible is missing a great deal of real truths while having too many untruths are placed in what we call the inspired word of God.  Read Misquoted Jesus by experts who have deeply studied the translation of the "word" of God and how many things are placed in the bible that "never" should have been placed in the Bible.  I would wish every damning, judging Christians about homosexuality try to make the choice to be anything other than heterosexual.  Go ahead try just for the FUN of it!!!

    • inga inga United Kingdom says:

      Glenda, I am a heterosexual woman and I have anal sex with my partner on a regular basis. Now according to your 'logic' since I am heterosexual I am doing THE RIGHT THING, right? great, so the problem is solved.

      Bloody Christians! close your bible and get a life. Life is beautiful, love is beautiful, sex is beautiful and it does not matter who you experience all these things with as long as they make you happy and fulfilled!

    • Philipem Philipem United States says:

      Thank you, now I know that god made adam and eve and that godliness or something is genetic in humans being made in gods image and all.

      This is a discussion of facts presented in an article that show that animals of all kinds engage in homosexual behavior, suggests that humans being animals might find the same behavior unsurprising,and it supported by research, lots and lots of research.

      I appreciate that god has chosen you to enlighten me so please, cite the scientific studies showing god's existence, creationistic behavior in general and specifically making man "in gods image (a little narcissistic I think but I'm interested) and the intentional exclusion go humans from teh pattern the rest of the animal kingdom uses.

      Peer reviewed please but I will look at others. Any footnoting or citation format commonly used will be fine but I prefer APA.

      Otherwise, please don not post babble in response to logic and science. Even most of the naysayers are attempting to use logic not deus ex machina to save their arguments.

      I assume you've done your research or you wouldn't have posted?

    • Amber Amber Canada says:

      Its always a laugh to see people who want to hold the bible up high and say the church and God is against homosexual behaviour.   It makes me wonder how quickly people have forgotten that durning the crusades and other church military actions, homosexual behaviour was enchouraged amoung the troops and people who were left behind!

      The church supports any idea that furthers its own cause, and more recently, makes money.  What ever happened to forgive and love thy neighbor?  Your comment and distaste for homosexuals seems quite contradictory to those principals of the church!

    • Jervis Jervis United States says:

      If God had a problem with me being gay, then why did he create me? and after all these years he continues to bless me. He gave me the ability to fall in love and be in love with by someone of the same gender. And please be aware it's not all about having sex. It's knowing someone is waiting for me to get home, or worrying about me if I'm late. It's me being fearless when it comes to defending the one I love. Love is a blessing. No, we won't make children, but we have all this disposable income to help my sister raise her children after her sorry-ass heterosexual husband decided he didn't feel like being married anymore. No, I'm in good graces with God, because he continuously answers my prayers. And finally, you are not or ever will be Gods spokesperson.

    • Lyra Lyra United States says:

      If you plan on using the Bible as an argument, please use the whole thing. The Bible say no gays, ok i'll go with that. But it also says no lying, no cheating, and NO JUDGING!!! Just thought I would help you out since you don't use all the rules in the Bible. Granted I don't either but i do respoect the fact that God would like more love than hate, and currently homosexuals are producing more love than you. Thank you, have a nice day

      • Eric A Eric A United States says:

        Matthew 7:1 (“Judge not, that you may not be judged”) was, by the context of the subsequent verses, clearly an admonition to not be hypocritical in judging.  The Bible, however, clearly does emphasize that we must judge – avoiding evildoers, etc.  John 7:24 – “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge just judgment.”  Matthew 18:15-17 – “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault…”.  James 5:20 – “He must know that he who causeth a sinner to be converted from the error of his way, shall save his soul from death…”.  2 Timothy 4:2 – “Preach the word: be instant in season, out of season: reprove, entreat, rebuke in all patience and doctrine.”   And the Bible (New Testament) is most clear about the grave sin of homosexuality:  Romans 1:27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, and 1 Timothy 1:9-10, among other citations.

        • Danielle Moore Danielle Moore United States says:

          Yeah, and we must stone woman who aren't virgins when they marry. And divorce is a sin. Breaking up homes is too. Being afraid or anxious. Not feeding the hungry children. Arrogance. Gossiping. Arguing.

          Unjustified anger is even a sin according to the bible, and last I checked-being angry over something that's none of your business is unjustifiable!

          • Colin Baker Colin Baker United States says:

            "My god love me unconditionally " Really??? dont eat shell fish dont fuck the same sex have some pervert in a dress splash yoiur child with water or what wait a sec that lil fucker is gonna burn for eternity. Really? A god that's doesnt care for geographically challenged children. Slavery once used to be legal and wide spread DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT.

    • Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson United Kingdom says:

      We absolutely are of the animal kingdom. We can even trace common ancestors with other species using our genes. Absolutely nothing in our genes suggests they come from some god.

    • Erin Petrosky Erin Petrosky United States says:

      First off, Glenda, humans are part of the animal kingdom. I thought that was common knowledge. Secondly, it is not your right to judge others and what they do in their bedroom. The existence of God cannot be proven, so do not act high-and-mighty. You are not the repository for all knowledge in the free world. What you are saying is judgmental, ignorant and just plain stupid. Instead of reading the bible, maybe you should try and read a biology book.

    • Colin Baker Colin Baker United States says:

      Questioning your heart wether it be with relationships, hobbies, interests or the fear of someone thinking what you like is dumb or make fun of you or hitting  you is just no way to live your life do What you want, maintain that child like mentality of not giving a shit what people think. Do what you love not what makes you the most money and in the end you'll end up making the most.

      This silly glenda is getting more annoying by the minute. DARLIN' GENETICS and a belief of god have nothing in common genes are part of science god is part of a theory and scheme.

      I kinda wish she had been born in a muslim country where women are forced to walk ten feet behind their men and not show their face in fear of beheading and in that case would our good old 1 st world glenda be singing the same tune about the religon she was born in2.

    • Jessica Pruyn Jessica Pruyn United States says:

      And yet the fabled jesus had two fathers.....

    • Cecelia Ferrara Cecelia Ferrara United States says:

      So, if my name is Cecelia and my boyfriend's name is Jake, we can't have sex or get married? I know you interperet the Bible in your own way, but Leviticus was a set of rules for the Hebrews, not the Christian people. Maybe you should focus on doing what Jesus said to do instead of hating other people. How about Luke 6:37? "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven." Or Mark 12:31? "The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” Or 1 John 4:8 "Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love." If you are a Christian, you must believe that God loves everyone and that He makes our paths. Therefore, how can being homosexual be wrong? If He knows everything about everyone, and chose who they would be, this disposition is his choice and not a mistake. Homosexuality is natural and is no better or worse than heterosexuality. It is not a choice, it is a predisposition. And I know this because of the fact that there are homophobic people out there. Why would anyone choose to be gay when people won't accept them and spout hateful words that are completely wrong?

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