The difference between Non-Ducted and Ducted fume cupboards

Monmouth Scientific challenges the common misconception that Ducted Fume Cupboards are more cost-effective in installation, operation, and maintenance than their Non-Ducted counterparts. The company provides valuable advice and support to Laboratory Managers in pursuing premium fume filtration solutions.

The Circulaire® range employs Carbon Filters to filter over 500 chemicals without necessitating ducting efficiently.

This non-ducted system boasts the capabilities of a traditional fume cupboard while avoiding the substantial costs associated with exhausting a laboratory's conditioned air. The air is meticulously cleansed before being safely recirculated into the working environment.

A comprehensive cost comparison chart demonstrates that the Circulaire® Filtered solution can save well over £10,000.00 per unit over 5 years compared to a Fixed Air Ducted System.

One of the key advantages of the Circulaire® range is its adaptability for installation in challenging locations, such as interior rooms, basements, and even listed buildings, without the constraints or elaborate planning required for attachment to an expensive extract system.

The Non-Ducted units require only a standard 240 V/13-amp connection, making their installation as straightforward as a Laboratory Fridge. Moreover, with a depth of 750 mm, the range is designed to conveniently fit through standard door openings and rest on standard Lab Benching.

Source: Monmouth Scientific Limited 

  Fixed Air System Variable Air Volume (VAV) Circulaire® Filtered System
1800mm Wide Fume Cupboard Cost £5,350.00 £5,350.00 £6,899.00
Installation (1 Unit) £4,3500.00 £5,800.00 £380.00
Total Initial Cost £9,650.00 £11,150.00 £7,279.00
Make up air/Energy Cost/Year (24hr/day @ 0.5 m/s) £2,130.00 £1,420.00 £215.00
Maintenance Cost per Year (text + filter)** £290.00 £290.00 £632.50
Total Operating & Maintenance Cost per Year £2,240.00 £1,710.00 £847.50
Cost over 5 Year Period £21,750.00 £19,700.00 £11,516.00

** Based on average filter life of 2 years.

Monmouth Scientific's expertise is well-demonstrated through a recent installation of 20 recirculating fume cabinets at the prestigious British Petroleum's (BP) Technology & Research Centre in Pangbourne, Berkshire.

BP’s facility in Pangbourne is the central hub for all their research centers, so for us to install this number of recirculating fume cabinets here showcases the forward-thinking, in terms of clean air solutions, from one of the world’s major corporations.

Julian Mussett, Managing Director, Monmouth Scientific

About Monmouth Scientific Limited

At Monmouth Scientific environmentally responsible recirculating technology is the core of our expertise. 

Our specialised Fume Cupboard, Laminar Flow, Biological Safety, Powder Containment, and ISO Class Cleanroom solutions provide the best protection and performance for your personnel.

A UK Market Leader in Clean Air Solutions and at the forefront of the industry, we           employ cutting-edge technologies and innovative engineering, to ensure that our solutions consume minimal energy while delivering optimal performance.  

As experts in clean environments and laboratory personnel safety, our team continue to proudly pioneer innovative new technologies to guarantee the highest levels of safety for a diverse client base including; 

  • Laboratory
  • Research
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace

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