Creating controlled environments with clean tents

The Clean Tent provides a distinctive and versatile answer to establish controlled environments. A product of Monmouth Scientific since 2021, it caters to users needing temporary cleanroom facilities or clean storage. This solution is meticulously designed to offer easy maneuverability and deliver high performance.

It serves as a portable ISO 5 system, allowing swift reconfiguration of the working area, instantly adding cleanroom capacity wherever needed.

Features & benefits

  • Easy installation and portability: Clean Tents by Monmouth Scientific are designed with ease of installation and portability in mind. The lightweight and modular construction enables swift setup and dismantling, making them perfect for temporary projects and situations requiring mobility. This feature offers flexibility in establishing controlled environments wherever they are required. Additionally, a HEPA Bag safeguards the entire fan filter unit, including the HEPA and pre-filter, while the tent neatly fits into a Tent Bag for convenient transport and storage.
  • ISO class compliance: Monmouth Scientific's Clean Tents adhere to rigorous ISO cleanliness standards, creating an ISO Class 5 environment. This ensures the controlled conditions necessary for critical operations in industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and medical device manufacturing.
  • Durable construction: The ground sheet, crafted from anti-static reinforced Tryoll, forms a robust base unit. The one-piece top tent comprises two compartments: an entry airlock/gowning room and the main work cabin enclosed within a high-quality PVC envelope, utilizing ambient lighting effectively. The Interconnecting Vinyl Floor is easy to install and can be easily extended, removed, or relocated. Its resistance to heavy traffic, chemical attacks, and decontamination makes it an ideal choice.
  • High-efficiency filtration: Monmouth Scientific's Clean Tents have efficient filtration systems featuring HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. These filters can effectively remove particles as small as 0.3 microns with an impressive efficiency of 99.97%. Such high-level filtration ensures a clean and particle-free environment, significantly reducing the risk of contamination during sensitive operations.
  • Positive pressure system: Monmouth Scientific's Clean Tents utilize a positive pressure system, maintaining higher pressure inside the tent compared to the surrounding environment. This positive pressure effectively prevents contaminants from entering the tent, further enhancing the cleanliness and integrity of the controlled environment.
  • Integrated airflow control: Clean Tents from Monmouth Scientific come equipped with adjustable airflow control, empowering users to maintain the desired air exchange rate and pressure conditions tailored to their specific applications.
  • Effective solution: Opting for Monmouth Scientific's Clean Tents provides a cost-effective approach to creating controlled environments. In contrast to building permanent cleanrooms, clean tents offer a more affordable option, reducing construction costs, maintenance expenses, and the need for extensive facility modifications.

Clean tent vs. cleanroom

When comparing the Clean Tent to a Modular Cleanroom, it is the economical option for temporary clean environments. Its fully portable design eliminates the need for planning, estates, or building permissions, unlike a Cleanroom's costly construction and maintenance, which also demands specialized expertise during installation and operation.

Clean Tents do have their limitations. They may not accommodate many personnel and equipment, restricting the scope of operations and experimental setups, particularly in industries like pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, where adherence to strict regulatory standards is essential.

In such cases, dedicated Cleanroom facilities are better suited to achieve compliance with the required standards.

Use in industry

Clean Tents have diverse applications across several industries where the creation of controlled and sterile environments holds paramount importance.

  • Emergency and field humanitarian operations: Clean Tents prove invaluable in emergency response situations and field operations. They serve as temporary controlled environments, facilitating medical triage, mobile laboratories, and other critical operations. By offering clean and sterile conditions, even in challenging and remote locations, they enable medical professionals and researchers to work effectively.
  • Automotive and precision engineering: The automotive manufacturing and precision engineering industries benefit significantly from Clean Tents. These tents create clean and controlled environments, supporting activities like precision machining, surface finishing, and the assembly of crucial components.
  • Medical device production: In the manufacturing of medical devices, including surgical instruments, implants, and diagnostic equipment, Clean Tents play a pivotal role. These sterile environments drastically minimize the risk of contamination, ensuring the impeccable quality and reliability of medical devices.
  • Electronics assembly: Clean Tents are crucial in safeguarding sensitive electronic components during assembly and testing processes in the electronics industry. They act as a protective barrier against dust, particles, and contaminants, contributing to the sustained cleanliness levels required for the optimal performance of electronic devices.
  • Aerospace and defence: Clean Tents find extensive use in the aerospace and defense industries to assemble, test, and maintain sensitive components and equipment. By providing controlled environments, they effectively reduce the presence of particles and contaminants that could otherwise impact the performance and reliability of aerospace systems.

Case study

Precision engineering in a clean tent: land speed record attempt uses clean tent to build a rocket engine

Achieving astonishing speeds and pushing engineering limits necessitates a meticulous approach to design and construction. Embodying this pursuit of excellence is the Bloodhound Land Speed Record project, which aims to establish groundbreaking land speed records.

During testing in Norway, the Bloodhound LSR team faced a pressing need for a swift solution and field-appropriate cleanroom capacity, precisely what the Clean Tent is designed to deliver.

To ensure utmost precision and performance, the team utilized the ISO 6 environment to safeguard the car's high-powered hybrid rocket pump system while undergoing thorough cleaning in preparation for testing.

The engine's construction and assembly demand a controlled environment that minimizes contaminant presence. Even the tiniest particles or impurities can adversely affect engine performance and compromise safety at extreme speeds.

The Clean Tent offers a controlled setting that adheres to stringent cleanliness standards, ensuring the engine is built with precision and free from contaminants.

Through meticulous engineering and the utilization of the Clean Tent, the Bloodhound LSR project pushes the boundaries of speed and innovation, inspiring future generations of engineers and leaving an indelible mark on the world of land speed records.

The Monmouth Scientific Clean Tent presents a versatile solution for creating controlled and sterile environments across various industries and applications. Its ability to maintain cleanliness, control contamination, and provide setup flexibility makes it an invaluable tool for industries prioritizing precision, reliability, and safety

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