Adapta with MVP Pacemakers from Medtronic

Adapta® with MVP™ Pacing System offers managed ventricular pacing, atrial therapy, ventricular capture, and remote cardiac telemetry.

The new standard of care in pacing is to reduce unnecessary right ventricular pacing to as close to zero as possible. Mounting evidence suggests that right ventricular pacing is associated with a variety of detrimental effects, including risk of heart failure hospitalization and atrial fibrillation.

Managed Ventricular Pacing

  • MVP® – Managed Ventricular Pacing provides the following benefits:
  • Promotes intrinsic conduction 
  • Reduces unnecessary right ventricular pacing by 99%
  • Provides AAI(R) pacing with ventricular monitoring plus the safety of DDD(R) backup pacing when needed
  • Completely Automatic – Simple to Use

Atrial Capture Management and Ventricular Capture Management (ACM and VCM):

  • Provide complete long-term threshold management automatically 
  • Ensure pacing outputs remain at safe levels